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Joe Demicoli

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I Will Survive

I became a sickly yellow
I was trembling
I saw a dark and long tunnel
A distant shining ray of light
And they took me to the ITU*
I had to wait in the queu
They gave me a number
I am one humdred twenty two
Call a doctor
Because he was on break
He came running with a cup of coffee in his hand
And a piece of cake in the other
He told me, 'Give me a moment so that I may drink it
Lest it gets cold'
And then he tried to give me an injection
But the vein he could not find
And I heard the choir
The angels in the vicinity
Near heaven
What the hell is this doctor doing
He is stepping on my wind pipe
And I am feeling weak
I am half dead
I want to call out of help
I do not want to die
I will survive
I do not want to go in the casket
Because I am still cool
Who wants me dead
I will not satisfy him
And I'll survive
I will survive
His lips against mine
I felt them warm
He tried to give me the kiss of life he thought I was a fool
Saint Peter winked at us
'What's going on between you two?'
I told him, 'There is nothing!
And I'll beat him when I rise'
Now it's too much
What's happening
Who gave him the certificate to work at Mater Dei Hospital
I felt my mouth moving
I said words that is not understood
He inserted the thermometer
In the back were no sun has ever seen
And I heard the choir
The angels out of tune
They came to peep
Because they saw Joe Demicoli
All with my songs
That they had copied
They told me come and make us laugh
I told them, 'bye, bye and bye'*
I do not belong here
I will survive
I am too young to join you
I am not even forty five
And don't think that I will say 'Amen'
To accommodate the government*
I will survive
I will survive
And then a nurse came
Incredible blond
When she touched me my heart worked
Started to pump blood again
She leaned on me
And had her blouse slightly open
At that moment I opened my eyes and I felt relieved again
My mouth open wide
I will survive
The cleavage stamped on my face
How life is beautiful
On the spot we fixed a date
I have just come
And I have already scored
I will survive
I will survive
I do not want to die
The doctor will be my witness
When I marry this summer
Whoever wants me dead
I will not satisfy him
And I'll survive
I will survive
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I met her at Zanzibar
I asked her what her name was and her face became red
She said, 'Lola', hello e lei lo la
And though I 'm a miser I did not care
I bought her a drink which we together drank
Me and Lola, C O L A cola
We drank a Coca Cola
I looked at her eyes and I realised
That we became lovers it was love at first sight
Me and Lola, lala la la lola
I am not stupid but don't have a clue
How come she walks like a woman but talks like a man
Gorgeous Lola, L O L A Lola
Lala la la Lola
The glass emptied and I reorder did not
Because in my heart I realised that I had scored
She looked at her watch and told me that it was late
Tonight it is better if you come with me home
I did not think long and did not say no
Because if she is trendy I am cool
Let's go Lola, lala la la Lola
We left me and Lola
Lola, lala la la Lola
Lala lolo Lola
As she opened the door
I ran infront
And I told her these words
'If you are in the mood
You may do with me what you like'
She grabbed me between her arms and hugged me right
All my bones started to crack
Ouch Lola
Take it easy Lola,
And when she kissed me I collapsed to the floor
And she jumped on me and I do not know what I felt
Ouch Lola, lala la la Lola
I struggled with her so that I may rise up
My body is full of goosebumps I am cold*
I felt sick in my stomach
Lola you ruined my joy
How could it be that underneath that beauty
The woman of heart is a man among men
Lola is so, lala la la Lola
Lala la la Lola
Lola lala la la Lola
Lala la la Lola (x4)