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Aashiqui 2 (OST) - तुम ही हो (Tum Hi Ho) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Tum Hi Ho Song

Versions: #3
now i cant live without you,
i'm nothing without you.
now i cant live without you,
i'm nothing without you.
if i go away from you,
i'll be away from myself.
because its only you,
now its only you,
you are my life now,
peace in me and the pain too,
now my love is just you.
what's the relation between you and me!
that i cant get away for a moment...
i live for you everyday,
i give every moment of my life to you.
there's no moment without you,
there's your name in every breath.
because its only you,
now its only you,
you are my life now,
peace in me and the pain too,
You are my love,
cause its only you,
because its only you,
now my love is just you.
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Under Water

Under water
Your cries no longer touch me
Your voices fade away
Under water
You have lost sight
of what made me blossom
Under water
You seem like strangers
more and more blurry
Under water
My tears no longer flow
heavy as a pebble
In weightlessness
Finding the air
In the depths
Where I lost you
A pain killer
My solo crossing
Under water
I puff my oxygen
If you see my bubbles
Under water
And if I stay a week
Will you come out of your fog
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Versions: #2
A sound of something breaking
l awake from sleep
A sound full of unfamiliarity
Try to cover my ears bul can't go to sleep
The pain in my throal gets worse
Try to cover it
I don't have a voice
Today I hear that sound again
It's ringing again, that sound
A crack again on this frozen take
I dumped myself into the take
I buried my voice for you
Over the winter lake I was thrown
A thick ice has formed
In the dream I shorly went into
My agonizing phantom pain is still same
Have I lost myself
Or have I gained you
I suddenly run to the lake
There's my face in it
Please don't say anything
Reach my hand out to cover the mouth
But in the end, spring will come someday
The ice will melt and flow away
Tell me if my voice isn't real
If I shouldn't have thrown myself away
Tell me if even this pain isn't real
What I was supposed to do back then

Momma knows everything - Reprise

- I think he likes me
Likes you? Darling, that's insane
- But, mother I...
See how the outside world affects you
He loves you, but just inside your mind
It's clear, you're so naive, my love
You are the one he likes?
But why? Do tell!
Looking like this? You gotta be kidding, right?
Just let him go
Come with your momma
No?! Oh. So it's like that
My darling knows eveything
Where she's gonna go and how
You're smart, there's no doubt
Darling you know everything
Great if it's like that
Then bring him this
(- Where did this come from?)
This is what he wants
Don't trust that guy
He'll know when you give him the crown
(- And I will!)
I know everything about it
He'll disappear in a jiffy
Listen to my words now
My darling knows everything
Man of your dreams
Try him out, then you'll know
(- But, no! Wait!)
He's lying to you
I'm telling you
Momma knows everything
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Your Place is Empty

Versions: #2
That's true that I won't die in your absence
But I have forgotten my tranquility
You are my folk, my world and my family
If you leave, what will remain for me
Even if I imagine you're with me
Still your place is empty
How to get days back
Cause seperation kills
Whenever the night comes,
My tears fall down
Whenever I laugh without you
I just pretend to do so
So let it be concealed
I don't want to continue (complaining)
Cause I love you
I swear I love you
If you leave me
What'll remain for me
What could I complain to you about me
Without you, I don't feel that I am me
Now I'm leading a sad life
Without you, I have no other
Your awayness has broken my heart
I don't know what it's done to me
I can't feel comfort unless,
You're beside me
Come back cause I'm bored
I'm in dire need of you
It is unbearable,
My life without you
Just explain to me
How you live without me