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amazarashi - Tsujitsuma awase ni umareta bokura (つじつま合わせに生まれた僕等) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


amazarashi - Tsujitsuma awase ni umareta bokura (つじつま合わせに生まれた僕等)

Versions: #2
amazarashi - Tsujitsuma Awaseni Umareta Bokura
At the bottom of a mountain in a far off country, the world's most beautiful waters sprung forth.
After a while it become a river, and the school of fish which it produced was eaten by hungry bears, and then a hunter skinned the bears' pelts.
He sold them at the marketplace, and for his daughter's sake bought a hair pin.
Then wicked people came around, and they stole everything away.
That was in the dead center of history, in the age when even God was a baby.
Then tears shed by a mother soaked into the ash-scented soil, and the sun burned them up, and a raincloud was made from that evaporation.
That cloud poured on a desert across the sea, which had not seen rain for 5 months.
A poet survided by drinking that rainwater, returned to his homeland, and wrote a song.
When the children, humming that song, were rounded up to the front lines, a young girl whose head they blew off returned to the earth, without anyone knowing.
The great trees which grew on that spot were cut down, and a town was built from them.
As black smoke rose up into the air, we were born with dirty faces.
People killed eith good intentions, people who can get by with bad intentions; we remained onlookers, so our lives were saved, and we were born because it just made sense.
Our value systems, crucified on skyrise buildings, are crying tears of blood, since the people who make consumption a virtue are all throwing atones at them.
An artist who drew paintings that never made any money snapped his brush, and he lives his life in the underpass of a train filled with ostentatious people.
Songs are made to match the categories of emotion people feel, so when you're sad, listen to this song; lonely people should listen to that song: ''Don't trick me!'' - you start doubting, and everything starts to seem suspicious, and when you finally can't trust people anymore, they categorize it as a legitimate illness.
My sickly heart is starving, and it's crying out for more tragedies: A stranger who made their just cause decapitates without any guilt at all, murderer, adultery, religion, trendy stores, bullying, 9 p.m. dramas, wars, and the hit chart-
Even though these are stones we all stumble on, since everyone thinks they're special, a boy who wasn't chosen stood up, firmly clutching a knife.
A crowd in front of a station, where anonymity is taken for granted, is dyed a deep red, since the red sky of a sunset is so beautiful. And we were born since it just made sense.
We're at the dead end of a ridiculous history, and we're still strunggling even until now.
Without understanding anything in the end, we talk about forgiving and not being forgiven.
The criminals sentenced to the death penalty, wicked men pretending to be saints, even you and I are fillid with sin, and when we all return to the soil someday, if flowers should bloom on that spot, that alone could make up for this world.
If people should love each other there, with that alone, the world would have some worth.
For that reason, at the very least, love someone, and love them for your entire life.
In this good for nothing world, we were born because it just made sense.
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The narcissist and the misfortune that comes after him

You don't want to listen to me when I tell the truth,
you prefer not understanding things for what they are,
there's a part of you that refuses to accept
that you're at fault for how things have come to be.
I can't find the reason for why you thought that
you were doing the right thing; but I don't see it that way,
you wanted to hide your mistakes and put the blame on me,
now that I think you were wrong, you're such a narcissist.
You say that you're perfect in every sense of the word
and you don't see all of your imperfections,
it's my curse for having believed in you and everything you represent
and now I'm paying hard for this misfortune.
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Will You Be A Bright Ray

Will you be a bright ray,
that’s born in a shade,
Or the shade which has born the ray?
Will you be a blue rain,
that fell on the snow,
Or a rain cloud, hey?
Will you be a tough link
of a golden chain,
Or a hammer that forges it?
Well, will you be a far path’s terrain,
Or a person who follows it?
Being a feather of eagle’s wing,
or the bird’s very self?
Being a drop in a bottle of gin,
or its dry bottom’s swell?

Never Say That Happiness Is Only Borrowed

Versions: #1#2
The sun needs the moon,
A star needs the dark night
For it to shine the more brilliantly
The flower needs the light
But I, I need only you
You alone to be happy
Make no room for doubt
Always look me in the eye
For me to know that dreams don't die
Never say that happiness is only borrowed
Let our love never wither
Give me a piece of eternity
A feeling that stays forever
Never say that our time goes by
And that the wind shifts sometimes
Just tell me softly, I love you
Because there's nothing more beautiful to me
I know reality
exists on borrowed time
And everything comes to an end one day
I know that in this world
Nothing can be forever
But I don't want you
To tell me that
Not one moment with you
I'd like to lose to anxiety
I just want to be quite near you
Just tell me softly, I love you
Because there's nothing more beautiful to me
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We are on the same earth

Follow the voice of your heart for what you believe in
We are on the same earth
We were born of our own world
A feeling without words
A paradise touched by none
Where love lives in everything
A simple life in peace and quiet
Walking silently the trail time indicates
We are on the same earth
We were born of discrete lives
A sentence without words
Sheltered by the green leaves of trees
Love is safe and free
A simple life in peace and quiet
Raise your head, look at something more
Sense someone watching you right now
On beloved soil, you’re growing strong
A new life is just waiting to be here
Who can understand the sorrow a mother?
Who feels the emptiness within a heart?
A shattered dream
But the sunrise whispers someone’s waiting for you
We are on the same earth
And you shall see what life gives
So trust the words your heart speaks
Time for us to draw closer
We are on the same earth
We were born of our own world
A feeling without words