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Bolbbalgan4 - To My Youth (나의 사춘기에게) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


To My Youth

At some point in my life
I used to wish that I could disappear from this world
The whole world seemed so dark
I cried every night
Will my mind feel at ease
If I just disappeared
I was so afraid
Of everyone’s eyes on me
During those beautifully beautiful days
I was in pain
I hated myself
For not being able to receive love
My mum and dad
They’re only looking at me
This is not how I really feel
But I keep getting further away
What do I do
What do I do
What do I do
What do I do
The saying that time is medicine
Was really true for me
As the days went by
I really did get better
But sometimes when I’m too happy
I’m afraid I’ll be in pain again
I’m afraid that someone
Will take away my happiness
Those beautifully beautiful memories
Were so painful
I hurt to the point where I could hurt no more
But the pain wouldn’t go away
My friends all these people
They’re only looking at me
This is not how I really am
But I keep getting further away
But still maybe I could be
A bright light
In this world
Maybe after all of that pain
I could shine a light
Even if it’s short
So I couldn’t give up
The me that couldn’t fall asleep peacefully for a single night
Because if I keep trying to stand up like this
I might be able to find myself
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
How painful must it have been
How painful must it have been
How much, how much, how much did I hope for it
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Cruella De Vil

We lived in a modest house for the first six months
Near the park
Nothing special!
But perfect for two couples of new spouses
Pongo: Peggy! Are you ok? What's happened?
Perdita: But yes! Be quiet!
And then...
I'm not the first (female dog) who waits for puppies
Pongo: Ah! This is Nanny!
The ideal cook and housewife
A person who has good manners and who understands you
But do I have to say the truth?
Sometimes, also she seems a dog!
Anita: Rudy, get off! There is the coffee!
Come to drink coffee!
Roger: I'll be there in a moment!
What do you think? Will people like it? (The song)
Anita: Beautiful words!
Roger: First the melody, my dear, then words!
Perdita: Pongo! It's her! That infernal woman!
Roger: It's Cruella for sure!
Your dear schoolmate...
Cruella De Vil!
Here it is!
Cruella De Vil!
Cruella De Vil!If she doesn't scare you, no one can (scare you)!
When you see at her, you take a chill!
Cruella... Cruella...
Like a snake, she creeps around you!
Anita: Ah! Rudy, she'll hear you!
And this is Cruella De Vil!
Anita: Nanny, open the door!
Cruella: Anita! Darling1
Anita: How are you?
Cruella: I'm dying, Anita, as usually...2
... I'm falling apart! 3
Where are they?
Where are they?
Mother from La Salette, where are they?4
Anita: But who, Cruella? I...
Cruella: The puppies! The puppies!
But where are these little monsters?
Anita: It still takes three weeks...
Certainly you can't decide about some things...
Cruella: Anita! You make me always laugh a lot!
Come here dear5... come here...
Anita: Cruella!
But have you a new fur coat?
Cruella: Ah... but it's my only love, Anita!
I live for furs!
I love furs!
And then...
Would you to say that there is also only a woman...
... in this world, who doesn't like them?
Anita: I'd like to have a fur too, but...
... there are a lot of other things
Cruella: Ah! Here she is! She has come! 67
I know it... I know it...
This hovel would be your dreams castle!
And that miserable8 Rudy...
... he's your charming prince9...
... without a shred of fear!
Anita: Oh... Cruella...
Cruella: And then there are also those your little friends with stains
Yes, yes... I guess they have a mantle just wonderful!
Anita: Do you want coffee?
Cruella: No, no, I have to go!10
I recommend you, let me know when they get the puppies!
You'll tell me about... right?
Anita: Ok!
Cruella: So, ok, I'll see you in three weeks!
Cheerio, darling!11
Bye, bye!
Roger: Cruella, at first sight, is a demon
You are afraid but then you can understand her
Her eyes are strange
They (her eyes) look in your eyes
To kill you and to finish you!
Anita: Virgin! Be serious!
Roger: You will never see (another) creature like this
They should lock her up from where she cannot escape
(It will be) A very different world from how it is now
Without this Cruella De Vil
  • 1. LIT. My heart
  • 2. NOTE In Neapolitan, we tend to make accented the words on the last syllable, in daily speech. Especially proper names of person or surnames (Anì, Cruè etc.)
  • 3. LIT. I'm practically dead
  • 4. NOTE Classical Neapolitan ancient invocation to the Virgin Mary (in Neapolitan called also 'mom') The Virgin appeared in 'La Salette' (France)
  • 5. beautiful
  • 6. LIT. She has come out
  • 7. NOTE Sayings for someone who makes suddenly a thought respect to a topic which has been long debated (in this case 'furs')
  • 8. LIT Poor God
  • 9. LIT. Knight
  • 10. LIT. Run away
  • 11. LIT Beautiful

The Song of the Dark Moon

It is the country of the dark moon
It is the uninhabited room
It is the most beautiful creature
She is the disheartened lady.
Good-looking gallants shorten her
And of those who have achieved it
With the passage of time, they leave her
And she, crying, chooses oblivion.
From oblivion she lives and from oblivion she dies
As a plant in a forgotten garden
Knowing that nobody wants her
Knowing that nobody has loved her
From oblivion she lives and from oblivion she dies
As a plant in a forgotten garden
Knowing that nobody wants her
Knowing that nobody has loved her
It is the lost innocence
It is old age denied
And some lost tears
Mary lives desperate
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Nothing is left here anymore, I have nothing, you took everything from me
chairs, pickup machines, emotions, everything is lost.
I clean cigarettes butts and ashes, I pack up my remorses,
I bite my keys, my memories and I am out of here.
Nothing, I don't want to remember anything anymore. Nothing... the years look like faded blue jeans, they are suspicious.
I use my lipstick and put on my makeup in front of the mirror
It helps me not feeling my age
How many winters have gone by thinking of you
I look directly through the light, I am not afraid, even though loves of the past and vows cause me pain
I clench my fists and I run out in the streets.
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Fire, woman, and sea

Words and images, suns and winters
My experiences
My sins sleep inside of me and spoil me.
I'm confused and on fire again in her stubbornness
I'm confused and dedicated to her eyes again.
For a blonde's favour, Greece wept with me
For the favour of a brunette, I'm dying tonight, what can you say?
Fire, woman, and sea
I wasted my life
I wasted my life
Fire, woman and sea
Words and images, scorpions and anemones
My experiences.
My sins sleep inside of me and spoil me.
I'm confused and dedicated to her eyes again,
I'm confused again,
I'm drunk on the seas and pieces of her. 1
Fire, woman, and sea
I wasted my life
I wasted my life
Fire, woman and sea
  • 1. This probably means that he's reminiscing on memories of this relationship after having had a few too many drinks.
-Βασιλική Οικονομοπούλου