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Coco (OST) - Recuérdame [Remember me] dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Remember Me (Reunion)

Remember me
Today I have to leave, my love
Remember me
Don't cry, please
I carry you in my heart and you'll have me close
Alone I'll sing to you, dreaming of coming back
Remember me
Though I have to leave 1
Remember me
If you hear my guitar crying
With its sad singing it will keep you company
Until you're in my arms
Remember me
  • 1. Lit. to migrate
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Isn't it over?

isn't it over?.. what's gone,, is gone
but for my own sake, I will live for tomorrow
have you seen.. how a few years.. have changed me?
and to hell with all my weary.. life is not just about you
from this night on, I will scream out 'NO!'
I lived worthless in ordinary years in your love
don't make me sick and tired from being alone
if there was any good thing that I've lived, tell me what it was
I loved you.. and gave from my life.. and now I'm saying
they were days
and found you.. taking me to a world.. where I was all alone
among illusions
I don't understand.. what's happened to you
why have you changed.. where's the love of the old days
wait.. I didn't finish yet
you must listen to me.. and answer as well
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I love myself

Today I just wanna talk about how you make me feel,
And when I look at you,
I even can tell who you are.
I know you like talking and being bossy1,
But it's over now.
I've tried showing myself2
And no one will stop me from that,
No one will, no one will really...
I'm tired of hiding myself
And living to gratify you.
You won't, you won't really...
It's time to show
What I'm capable of
I won't hold back
My will to show
Who I am or what I want to be.
Who are you to contradict me?3
I love myself,
I love myself.
  • 1. 'Being bossy' means 'ser mandão ou mandona' in this case.
  • 2. Portuguese lacks the distinction between 'try doing' and 'try to do'. The same goes for 'tried showing' vs 'tried to show'. It depends on one's point of view when it comes one's own translations.
  • 3. Rhetorical question.

For the skin

[Verse 1]
As you managed to wait.
The way you spoke to her
And as she resisted you
She wanted to defend herself
And it was almost beautiful
To see you both, almost beautiful
Your infinite patience
Her 'no', 'yes', 'not here.
One day it happened
She wanted in your room
And everything went fine
And everything was very tender
But after, as always
It made you feel all peculiar
She washed herself quickly
You knew well how it's but...
What wouldn't you do for the skin?
[Verse 2]
Your blood went hot at once
You feel it run
Carry you anywhere
Make you do a bit of everything, unbridled
There, you are in your bed
And the girl is pretty
And after, you talk
And you say 'I have someone';
You sleep under other sheets
For a long time already
That's why you are here
With your blood that sleeps
Under your hands, under your skin;
You blood peaceful finally
Peaceful, him at least
What wouldn't you do for the skin?
All of my work is dedicated to Ms Z. G., who is the real counterpart of Beatrice Portinari for me.

Oh I Don't Believe

A volcano explodes, again, in my body
Some meaningless pain inside of me
I will hide my love, even if I can't stand it
In my fire
A feeling of longing grows in my heart again
Reasonless letters on my tounge
I would keep my love, even if my. heart cries
In my tears
Oh, I don't believe, oh I don't believe
I was crazy in love, I kept whirling
I burned out, scorched
They say it's mad love, it doesnt know the path
It cannot stand hardness, oh, I don't believe
I loved him for nothing, without caring about his age
I wish the same for you
Oh, I don't believe