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Demis Roussos - Un cœur qui bat pour toi dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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A heart that beats for you

Wherever you are tomorrow
Whatever your path
You know that there is in me
A heart that beats for you
A heart that beats for you
We say that with time
Everything will slow down
That the hurts will last no longer
But I always have in me a strong heart that beats for you
We say that far from the eyes
Love takes the shapre of an old body
But if he doee not forget me
Because I always have in me a heart that beats for you
Whevere you are tomorrow
Whatever your path
Mixed time that has gone by
Say, call you that I always have in me
A strong heart that beats for you
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Hello… (Goo morning…)
It’s me… (Pardon me, who is it?)
It’s Adele, from Wind, code 4266…2
(Goodbye, thank you. I’m not interested, really.)
Hello, (Hi, good morning?)
Can you hear me? (Not well, a bit crackly, I must say…)
It must be the fault of those assholes from TIM!3
Hello… (Hello, who is it?)
It’s me… (“Me”… “Me” who? The same woman as before?)
It’s Marta, and I have a jaw-dropping offer from Tre… 4
(No Tre, thank you. Thank you.)
Hello… (Good morning, I’m already a TIM customer, actually…)
Really? (Yes, I’m a TIM customer, and it’s been really fine!)
You should be ashamed of yourself; you’ll rot in hell!
We’re from Allianz (So what?)5
You must be careful (Look, no, why should I be care…? I want no insurance!)
’cause you might die tomorrow… (Right, but… what…)
Hello, we’re from Sky,6
why are you never picking up? (Because I’m busy!)
It’s the Premium offer,
you can’t say no! (Thanks, but I don’t…)
With cartoons and football (Who cares!)7
and a bit of YouPorn too (Well, then…)
Hello, we’re from CRAI (who, people from CRAI?)8
here we have three pallets on sale (no, I’m not interested in three pallets, thanks…)
boxes of TENA Lady (…of TENA Lady?)9
and expired tampons (Okay, wonderful. All right, thanks.)
[boxes] of macaroni soup (macaroni soup… from which year?)
and toilet paper… wouldn’t you want them?
(No, I’m… I’m still well supplied for now. I’ll let you know if I need them. Thanks anyway.)
I’m Piera (Good morning. Well… I’m busy…)
this is an offer for your kitchen’s furniture.
(But I… I already have it. I have loads of it! I have loads of furniture, I have no more room to fit it!)
would you like some oil? (No, I don’t want, I want no oil either, I’m not inter…)
Would you like brooms, rags, washing machines,
or wood for your stove? (No, thanks!)
Hello, Bruno? (It’s not Bruno, you have the wrong number!)
It can’t be, come on, (I’m not Bruno, you have the wrong number!)
your voice sounds like his…
(Well, I understand, but it’s not me! What do you want from me… what do you want from me?)
Would you like some Pai crisps? (Nooo!)10
A new stable for your horses (I have none! No, where would I keep horses?)
Or cast iron underpants? (Cast iron?)
An extension cable for your dog,11
which stretches a very long way,
from Rive to Grignano12
(and what would I do in…)
Pampers for children who shat themselves? (Very interesting, thanks, but…)13
A whitener for body hair?
Stainless steel dentures (No!)
if you have no teeth; (I have them, I have them all!)
if you still have them, fine, (huh!)
they’re gonna fall out sooner or later!
(Mind your own business! Your teeth are going to fall out!)
Well, not at all! (Anyway, listen: I’m quite busy…) Not at all!
(Are you listening to me? Hello? Hello?)
A grater with braille etchings? (I’m not interested in an etched grater… but…)
Susan Boyle’s hair? (That could come in handy, you never know…)14
Then, a crane for your grandpa, (what would I…?)
to take him to pee,
to lower him down to the street (…from the balcony?)
Without even going out anymore
(Well, then, maybe this one looks like…)
Four tickets for the Bolshoi? (Who would I be going to the Bolshoi with?)15
Still-wet Kleenexes? (…that’s disgusting! That’s disgusting!)
Mediaset Premium, Fastweb (Everything!)16
in case you might be interested…
(I’m only interested in telling you to fuck off!)
Hello… (Huh?)
it’s me… (Once again?)
Hello… (Hey, see you later, thanks anyway…)
  • 1. The song is a parody of advertisement calls that all Italians receive on their landline phones, anywhere from once a week to many times a day; they’re usually from people working in call centers who have no idea what they are selling; most of them are to sell new subscriptions to TV/internet/phone services.
  • 2. is an Italian telecommunications company.
    Call center people usually leave their name and/or their code to their 'customers', for tracking purposes.
  • 3. is an Italian telecommunications company, a competitor of Wind.
    TIM is the direct successor of the formerly-public company Telecom Italia, and is the major telecommunications company in Italy, together with Vodafone. Wind holds smaller market share and, like everyone in this business, they employ aggressive market tactics to win over new customers.
    Also, all landline infrastructures are owned by TIM; even if a user has a contract with a competitor, the competitor only provide the service, while the signal still travels on TIM cables; so, any electrical malfunction is technically TIM's fault.
    It also means that whenever the customer experiences a problem, the two companies will keep bouncing responsibilities for it back and forth between them.
  • 4. is yet another telecommunications company active in Italy. Wind and Tre merged in 2016.
    The two brands have been retained for different market targets.
  • 5. is a financial services company.
  • 6. is a satellite TV company.
  • 7. Meaning soccer; in Italy, American football moves a tiny tiny fraction of the money moved by soccer, so TV company don’t care about it.
  • 8. is an Italian supermarket chain.
  • 9. is company producing tampons and diapers. TENA Lady is one of their products.
  • 10. , an Italian producer of snack foods, including chips/crisps.
  • 11. prolunga {extension cable} is usually an extension electrical wire.
    Here, the words seems to be misused to indicate a leash.
  • 12. Le Rive {the shores} is a promenade in Trieste.
    is a neighborhood in Trieste, north-eastern Italy.
    They’re some 10km (6 miles) apart.
    Watch on
  • 13. is a brand of diapers.
  • 14.
  • 15. The is a ballet and opera theatre in Moscow.
  • 16. is their digital terrestrial subscription service.
    is a broadband Internet Italian company.
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In the sea of blood

When blood floods your eyes,
when death dances next to you,
you laugh in her face with scorn.
The day to die hasn't come yet.
In the sea of blood and the hurricane of fire,
the lament of dying choirs
is drifting over the field of death.
The wings of war have covered the earth.
Hit in the place where the enemy doesn't expect it.
Drown his hopes in a hole of bloody tears.
Poisoned arrows will pierce steel armours.
Bloody red sun has hidden.
Ghosts born from our hate
are blowing at the fire and ashes.
They're dancing over the battlefield
and their fear is frightening and freezing the hearts.
I lift the sword up from the red mud.
I clench my fists and suppress my pain.
Fire and smoke are lashing my face.
Spouts of my tears and sweat are flowing.
Mad horses trample the field.
Cracky swords wound their hooves.
On the battlefield, ghosts gather.
Bloodshed attracts them.
My sword is still sharp,
it cuts the spider webs of darkness.
In the sea of blood, I immerge my hand.
Red rain will fall down soon.
On the battlefield, in the sea of blood,
the dying moan the hymn of death.
Fire won't consume their bodies.
Eternal coldness will cover them with ice.
Gods of death and destruction
reap bloody harvest.
Their red standards
burn with war fire.
My hands are wounded.
My face is bloodstained.
Mud makes my movements slower.
I'm blindly looking for the way out.
Hostile hordes are still coming closer.
In the clouds of red dust,
they're dragging war machines.
They'll soon feed us with the living fire.
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Wild Female

The category that I belong to
Is, you should know, different
I don't give up on my decision
And I'm not exclusive for anyone
I don't look like any other woman
In this established scene
Some like me, some are scared of me
I'm what they call: wild female
I want eros and love in my soul
Beautiful things, beautiful and simple
I've got an aim in my life
To always, I am telling you, have fun
[Chorus x2]
I told you, you don't look like any other woman
Sometimes you play with me and others you scare me
I like you this way and don't change
You can put anyone in line
You 're what everyone calls: wild female
According to me: you are so good
I won't change you for anyone 'cause you are unique
And only you hold my heart's key
[Chorus x2]
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Aske's Goodbye Song

My head's full of thoughts, but my body feels empty
I've got reverse homesickness, 'cause I know it'll never be like before you came
Suddenly, it was over, and I didn't understand
That it was but a moment
I hardly realized you came before you left
Before you you got lost, away from me
Away you go, up and away - you're on your way
I remain, and like you said
I'll stand tall
I know that it's over, there's nothing else to say
'Cause you're one of those
Who never look back, but ahead
I hope that you'll find your way home
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