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It Doesn't

It doesnt fit into a heart, you know, this love is for a lifetime
It bids farewell to my heart, you find me
My lies and my mistakes caused me trouble
I got lost in the dark night
My sins and my weaknesses everywhere, and you're absent
There's no remedy for this trouble of mine, maybe to a moon
I'll sing my song so that you might hear
I'm angry, and blowzy, and a little bit sad
Again, the same, I got up without you
Your smell used to be stucked in my skin, it doesn't matter anymore
But no
It doesn't matter
But no
It doesn't matter
What is this if not love?
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További dalszöveg fordítások

The Big Drum Beats

Tomorrow I'll be going to the sea to have fun,
Farther away from the city, I escape.
Don't have much time to pack up
I grab a bottle of water, I want to tan!
In the car I turn on the radio,
I want a cool tune blasting loud,
I want that in the club too, when I get there!
Refren: (x2)
Loud loud beats the big drum,
Let's get the girls moving.
A sunny day, people are having fun,
In the summer at the beach the girls dance!
I saw her and I said eooo,
This girl really has no ego.
We're getting ready to party, all of the Romania,
Atmosphere is heating up here, with Gya.
Eh, it's Friday evening, we're partying all night.
On Saturday evening we'll party all night,
Evening after evening, we party all night,
Come tonight, we'll party all night!
Refren: (x2)
Loud loud beats the big drum,
Let's get the girls moving.
A sunny day, people are having fun,
In the summer at the beach the girls dance!
I grab my iPhone, make a call
At 2 I can't sleep and my head 'dum-dum'!
The car 'vrum-vrum'
My best friends are with me now
Girls are on the way, boy!
See you either way, to go 'boom-boom'
When I get to the club they ask 'how-how'
Sunglasses off, to make 'zoom-zoom'
Red eyes are not from the smoke, smoke, smoke, boy!
Refren: (x3)
Loud loud beats the big drum
Let's get the girls moving
A sunny day, people are having fun
In the summer at the beach the girls dance
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May has come

May has come
The trees are breaking into leaf
whoever wants, can stay
at home with their sorrows!
How the clouds are wandering
along the firmament,
that is what I also want to do
out into the wide, wide world.
Dear father, dear mother,
God may protect you!
Who knows, where in the distance
My fortune is blooming;
There is some way,
I never walked before,
There is some whine,
I never tasted before.
So merrily go, merrily go
In the bright sunbeam!
Well over mountains,
well through deep valleys!
The springs are sounding,
All trees are rustling;
My heart is as a lark
and joins into the sound.
And in the evening in the small town,
I stop for a glas to drink:
'Innkeeper, innkeeper,
a can of shiny whine!
Seize the fiddle,
you merry gleeman,
the song of my darling,
I will sing along!
And if I do not find a place to stay,
I am resting in the night
right under the blue sky,
stars are keeping watch;
In the wind the lime,
Slowly rustles for me,
In the morning the dawn
kisses me awake.
Oh rambling, oh rambling,
you free joy of a fellow!
The breath of god
blows freshly into your chest;
Your heart sings and cheers
Up to the sky;
Your are so beautiful,
you wide, wide world!
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Tudjuk az utat [We know the way]

Tatou o tagata folau,
e vala’auina.
E le atua o le sami tele,
e o mai.
Ia ava’e le lu’itau e lelei,
- Olo,olo vaka -
Aue, Aue!
Nuku I mua,
Te manulele e tataki e!
Aue, Aue!
Te fenua, te malie,
Nae ko hakilia, mo kaiga e!
Lágy szél az ég öblén szál,
Ma a nap süt rám.
Könnyebb a lélegzés így,
Hogy a tenger hív.
Csillag fény, ismerlek már,
És mindazt, mi vár.
Hogy mi az irány, tudjuk már.
Aue, aue!
Induljunk útnak most,
Oda, hol nem voltunk még soha tán.
Aue, aue!
Ha honvágyunk majd szét mardos,
Hű szívünk jól tudja már,
Mi az irány!
Aue, aue!
Haljuk, a természet most hozzánk szól,
És közben körbe megy pár történet a fényes régmutról.
Aue, aue!
Te fenua, te mālie,
Nāe ko hakilia,
Tudjuk az utat!

I'm not able to love

Should I not think, should I not be upset
How many times can I ask such that
I've seen such, I've had such this
When did I loved ,yes I loved ,so I couldn't expel that
How many times more can that shoot me
Can that hurt
Can that make me sad
I'm not able to love any except of you
I'm not able to love another one
You're gone by signing in my heart
It's in vain everything you left behind
That's empty whatever after this