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It Doesn't

It doesnt fit into a heart, you know, this love is for a lifetime
It bids farewell to my heart, you find me
My lies and my mistakes caused me trouble
I got lost in the dark night
My sins and my weaknesses everywhere, and you're absent
There's no remedy for this trouble of mine, maybe to a moon
I'll sing my song so that you might hear
I'm angry, and blowzy, and a little bit sad
Again, the same, I got up without you
Your smell used to be stucked in my skin, it doesn't matter anymore
But no
It doesn't matter
But no
It doesn't matter
What is this if not love?
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Varvara Pavlovna

She's pretty, but for whom?
Who smiles at her?
Who writes to her about boredom?
Pretty, under her umbrella
on Nevsky prospekt.
Who will revive her?
The river Neva
flows away,
carrying her hope,
her little silk handkerchief.
Fear makes Varvara Pavlovna cry.
She just discovered pain,
at night when she prays for him not to die.
She pictures the men, the soldiers, the emperor.
There, one June evening
There, behind the Venetian blinds
I saw Varvara's groom
walk away.
Fear makes Varvara Pavlovna cry.
This bottomless depth
is her heart.
Varvara Pavlovna will not listen to her sisters anymore.
She loves silence and modesty.
Fear makes Varvara Pavlovna cry.
She just discovered pain,
at night when she prays for him not to die.
She pictures the men, the soldiers, the emperor.
This translation does not claim to be of any particular value.
Glad if you liked it, sorry if you didn't.
You can reuse it as you please.
Glad if it's for knowledge or understanding, sorry if it's just for money or fame.
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The Sake Seasons

Thinking of you the sake I drink 1
I call the sake of loving you
Like rain falling in the desert
Slowly permeating my heart, the spring sake
The sake I drink together with my father
I call the sake of respecting one's parents
Saying that you must live a long life
Like the breeze from a fan, the summer sake
The sake I drink with my friend 2
I call the sake of brothers
At times, gulping it cold
And laying down the bottle, the autumn sake 3
Fried taro, dried flounder fish 4
And always an appetizer of the season
If and when there is sake, even hardships
Will become tomorrow's funny stories
  • 1. Sake doesn't have to be only 'sake,' but any alcoholic drink in general. Though I think that with the nature of this song it is indeed sake.
  • 2. lit. a guy I get along with.
  • 3. Maybe throwing?
  • 4.
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Do what you have to do

{Intro} x 4
Do what you have to do...
I like to do everything that crosses my mind,
No regrets, no hard feelings about it,
Good or bad, I do it my way,
But it's the worst when people label you a good for nothing.
Sometimes that stresses me out,
I do what I feel I have to do, that's what it matters,
I will be exactly how I have to be,
How it will end that I do not know.
I've made mistakes, I don't want to do 'em again,
All I've gained was made by being myself, I hate to loose,
I'm not a role model nor do I wanna be,
What I was is still what I'm today, and that's how I will be many year later.
If you wanna say something, say it,
If you wanna make money, make 'em,
If you dont wanna do nothing, do nothing,
Nobody is guiding you and giving you advice,
You have to know that you will always have to...
{Chorus} x2
Do what you have to do!
Only you know...
Do what you have to do!
It will be like it will be...
I have this music in my blood and it's contagious,
Do you remember what's the deal with my music?
If you do then you know I want respect,
But I'm not just wating for you to give it to me for nothing,
Things dont happen out of thin air,
You have to make 'em happen every damn time.
You wont see me act pretentious
Like those suckers that sing like little girls,
Some people wanna teach me how to act,
Some should leave me alone, I cant stand them.
If you wana chase after money
Or waste years in the streets with your fellow thungs,
If you wanna keep you head up no matter how much money is involved
Or give up easily like a good whore,
Do it like that, have no regrets,
Do what you feel you have to do with your life.
{Chorus} x2
I dont speak nonesense, it's all about green papers,
You know, if you wanna be someone you have to know to make 'em.
Everybody has his own way to earn money,
I earn 'em by making music,
If you wanna do it with us, come in our Brigade,
Dont stay away, come with us outside.
All I wanna say is that this Brigade is for
All those who kept their hearts clean
And did all they felt to do,
Those who never let other people order 'em around.
Personaly, I have my pride as a fighter,
And I will stay like that 'till the day I'll die,
I do only what I feel it's good for me,
I've earned my respect on the streets and I'm still alive,
I dont do what others tell me I should do,
I do only what I feel like and that's how I'm staying true.
{Chorus} x2
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A Painful Song

I will come certainly, my mum
You wait for me in front of the door in the mornings
I'd be a bird on your window
I'd can be the wind on your door
(I'd be a flower on your branch)
I'd be a star to your night
Don't bend your head, I'd be damned
Don't drain your tears to your napkin
And don't make your rose* face faded
The nights get (more) narrow, the ways get longer
I can't come to your door
I can't sing a painful song to (for) you
My beautiful mum, you, don't cry
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