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Haruo Minami - チャンチキおけさ (chanchiki okesa) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Chanchiki Okesa

The moon is the sake's bittersweetness
Of a miserable stand on the other side of an alley
An unknown fellow hits a small dish
Chanchiki Okesa
Okesa, pain is helpless
That girl left me alone
My mom says 'Are you well?'
Tonight I beg your pardon
Chanchiki Okesa
With the Okesa I torment myself
When I left my hometown
The big dreams thet came
Sigh floating in a sake cup
Chanchiki Okesa
The moon gets cloudy of tears
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The boys are very funny, small and adalts.
They make gloomy faces, how can they not sleep with such a person?
Boys are very funny when I'm driving a car.
They growl at each other like tigers, for them it's just games.
Boys like big toys
Build houses, planes and guns.
The boys play with big toys.
But there is no purpose in it, there is no purpose in it.
No purpose in it witout beloved girlfriend.
The boys are very funny, small and adalts.
And the mountains are not problem for them, it s just for fun.
Boys are very funy, the horizons are wider.
You are the engines of progress, but without girls there is no interest.
Boys like big toys.
Build houses, planes and guns.
The boys play with big toys.
But there is no purpose in it, there is no purpose in it.
No purpose in it witout beloved girlfriend.
So few of them on the planet, eternal adult children.
La la la la la la la, la la la la la la la!
Is it boring to be a boy? Oh, very boring!
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la!
Boys like big toys
Build houses, planes and guns.
The boys play with big toys.
But there is no purpose in it, there is no purpose in it.
No purpose in it witout beloved girlfriend.
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The Passion Does Not Stop

Hello, Passion doesn't stop
Bullfights, Flamenco, Spanish League. It's delicious, so delicious, Sangría, Churros! Paella
Sagrada Familia is still under construction
Hey, Romano
'Ah, You're sleeping again'
'I can't eat anymore, bastard'
Let's Go, Spain.
Let's Go, Spain.
I carry the Rojigualda1 in my arms
'Ah! I'm scared, bastard! Let me go! Spain, come to help me, damnit...'
Olé, Olé! I'm the Boss after all
I'll protect everything I care, no matter what
Do you allow me to cheer you up? Do you?
Fusososososo, fusosososososo, fusososososo
Well, I did it!
'U-uh? I'm in Heaven?
Ah, if Spain's here, then it's Hell...'
'Ah... You could be a little bit more kind.
And start cleaning.'
'I don't know how to do it.'
'You could learn Spanish.'
'The language at your house is difficult, I can't remember it'
'I must conform with it...'
Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on Boss
Hang on, hang on
I'll show you a fabulous place!
Fiesta! The wonderful traditions,2
la Tomatina, and the Running of the Bulls
The long long pilgrimage way3
The heart emerges and reveals
The important habit of taking a siesta
Because of that, allow it to continue
And you'll wake me up, Romano
'Oh, are you awake? I want food!'
If the superior gets angry
He won't leave me to be carefree
For the precious possessions and silver that won't return
Let's Go, Spain
Let's Go, Spain
I raise the Rojigualda
'Uwaaaa Spain!
A cute girl ignored me completely, idiot!
Dammit, why?!'
Come on, there will be next times
Men can't give up!
(Why? Why?!
Dammit, dammit, bastard!
I only asked for a kiss...
Dammit, dammit!
It's all your fault, idiot!)
'Uh... okay, I get it, bastard. Hm!'
If you act like me, you'll be cool always!
'Buono tomato, buono tomato
Buono buono ooh! Tomato'
'Hey! Wait...! Romano?!
Where are you going?!
I didn't... finish talking!'
'Red at the top, green at the top,
Buono tomato, buono tomato...'
  • 1. The spanish flag
  • 2. refers to la Fiesta de Los Patios, a festivity in Cordoba
  • 3. It's refering to 'El camino de Santiago'

Your Time Is Now

This is the time in which all of our thoughts are dissolving
This is the time that is left here for us to absolve them
As if today were the last day of your life remaining
As if all thoughts of tomorrow to nothing availing
No matter if it suits you or not
This moment's everything you've got
Are you prepared for this?
'Cause your time it is!
This is the time where we wholly give in to the moment
This is the time to live and savour it as it's flowing
You are here and undeterred
Of that which was and will occur
See all that's been bestowed
Yes, your time is now!

Every star was bright ablaze (singable translation)

Versions: #1#2#3
Every stár was bright abláze...
The ground gíving off vápors
The gárden gate creaked wide ópen...
She cáme toward mé with light fóotsteps...
I smélled a newest frágrance
Then she féll down - in my‿embráce.
She kíssed my líps wite pássionate elátion
While Í ardéntly set hér free fróm the veils that híd her béauty!
My dréams of lóve are now destróyed foréver
The‿ínstant depárted, so‿I'll díe in désperátion!
I'll díe in désperátion!
Yet néver béfóre I wíshed so múch to líve on,
Só much - to líve on!