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Jin (BTS) - Tonight dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Versions: #1
If this night is over
I will be scared that I can not see you
This forever clean light of your eyes
Familiar feeling of touches
The face that looked at me and smiled
I don't see you anymore
On my day
You are here
On your day
I am here
This month
I remember you
With me together
And now you are absent
Closing my eyes
It is like the time we spent together
Closing my eyes again
I think that I will remember only happy moments
If this night is over
I will be scared that I can not see you
If this night is over
I am scared that i will be alone
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Az oldalon található "Tonight" angol nyelvű zeneszöveg magyar fordítás másként dalszöveg fordítás vagy lyrics fordítás csak személyes és oktatási célokra használható fel.
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The Seashell

Love and its reminiscence, who freed me
From people, this place and time itself,
Magically filled my very life
With beautiful gleams of gold and silver.
On day, in the evening, it arrived dissipating all mirages:
I bid them all farewell - everything must fade and die -
And (in my hand) crumbled, somewhat reluctantly,
A seashell come from distant beaches.

La pêche à la ligne

It's hardly dawn
and I fall from the pen
My love is still sleeping
anvil sleep
I leave her to her dreams
where I'm not sure
Marlon Brando removes it
What the hell am I doing here?
On a wild horse
they go away, ridiculous
Outside there's a thunderstorm
they are wet, it's bad
I'm sharpening my fishing pole
to go fishing
Bag on the shoulder
sausage, cold beer
When the sun comes
my love wakes up
The heart adrift,
eyes full of sleep
On the phone to her mother
who is her best friend
Ephemeral words
and little worries
I would love to hear
what she says about me
It is surely very tender
well, I do not hear
I plant my hook
at the top of a branch
I pull on the nylon
ruin a phalanx
The day advances a little
my love is putting on makeup
One eye and then both
it's futile but it shines
Who does she want to seduce?
I'm not even here
I kill myself to tell her
that she is better off without all that
That her eyes are clearer
when they are in my pocket
and that wanting too much to please
It's the pleasure of the ugly
I'm going out a trout
at least one hundred and twenty pounds
I have pity, too small
I throw it back in
It is past noon
I come back empty-handed
Too much wind, not enough
the water was too humid
So I go home
sad as a menhir
But nobody is there
to hear me lie
My love is gone
but gone forever
I lost my love
and I lost my life
I will take Sunday
if i can the girl
tangle in the branches
to angling
I will take Sunday
if I want the girl
tangle in the branches
to angling

Whose girl is this one?

Whose girl is this;
Whose girl is this,
Oh, oh, oh, girl,
Dear mother, girl (x2),
Who walked on the ridge;
Who walked on the ridge
Oh, oh, oh, walked,
Dear mother, walked(x2).
She wore a gray pinafore;
She wore a gray pinafore,
Oh, oh, oh, wore,
Dear mother, wore (x2)
She grazed a gray flock;
She grazed a gray flock,
Oh, oh, oh, grazed,
Dear mother, grazed (x2)
I want her, mother, I want her,
To marry her
Oh, oh, oh, I want her,
Dear mother, to marry her. (x2)
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Hands deceive us too...

Hands deceive us too.
The truth is we have no hands
and that's why we lose everything,
a stone or a life
We have no hands
And God's ambiguous record
do not reach in any way
to close this floating stump in which we end in
and in which maybe everything ends in