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Juliette Gréco - Paname dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre



they sung every possible tune about you.
There are so many words in your songs
that speak of wat, of what precisely?
As for me, it's your eyes, your skin
I want to kiss real properly,
just like the gigolos know how to.
the sun has put its pyjamas on,
as you light up and in your alluring downtown1
Mister Haussmann2 is hitting on you.
come and love me like in the old times,
especially at night, as we
walked together toward an unknown goal.
some street names are easily forgotten,
and in such streets, after midnight,
you showed me your little Paris.
as you sobbed in your horn blasts,
a girl lost among men,
you came to me like a mere little girl3
tonight I feel like dancing,
dancing with your cobblestones
everyone looks at with their feet.
youre so pretty under the lantern lights,
as you take your seasonal vacations
in the arms of an accordion.
as you dress up with blue,
it makes lovers go out,
saying 'in Paris together'.
as you dress up with grey,
the tailors have only one concern,
that's to dress up all the chicks4 in grey.
as you get bored you stroll down the quays,
stroll down the Seine and its drowned men.
It brings soe fresh air and that's entertaining.
people talk an afwul lot about you,
yet they don't know who you are.
They live at your place but never actually meet you.
if you could smile, I'd have your charm
If you could cry, I'd have your tears.
If someone hit you, I't take up arms.
You're more than just a thrill to me,
more than an idea, a girl just worth writing songs about,
and that's why I call out your name,
Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris...
  • 1. 'bas' can mean 'downtown' but also 'stockings'
  • 2. an architect responsible for a massive renovation of Paris in the 19th century, notably opening the great boulevards at the cost of demolishing quite a few old houses. 'faire du plat'means 'hitting on [some girl], but 'mettre à plat' evokes razing houses too
  • 3. 'la môme' was also the nickname of Edith Piaf
  • 4. lit. 'mice'
Do whatever you want with my translations. I'm not rich enough to sue you anyway.
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My guards falls down only when it's nighttime
I let my hands go when
I see myself
and when
your voice fades out more and more
Take me into your arms, Slađana
The fella is broken, bitter, so alone
he says it's because of me,
because of me
I'm lovable every night
and they love me lamely
What's the hot crowd hiding?
I'm not even gonna drink anymore
I'm deceptive while I
look cocky every night
What's the hot crowd hiding?
I'm not even gonna drink anymore
Just picture me - oh, come on
What do you see - oh, when
it seems like it to you - oh, come on
just try me, but it's in vain
You're trippin', hey? I'm barely breathin'
when I take everything off
Bitter, broken, seduced
allegedly, it's because of me
because of me
I'm lovable every night
and they love me lamely
What's the hot crowd hiding?
I'm not even gonna drink anymore
I'm deceptive while I
look cocky every night
What's the hot crowd hiding?
I'm not even gonna drink anymore
Take all of me
I'm taking everything
Don't care about the
May Du-du-a play, hey baby!
Something else, Du-du-a, hey baby!
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The Labyrinth

At the entrance we stand – arrived
This shall be your start
Chosen and destined
Born into it, I'll leave you alone now
Now you're trying to discern your way
Between countless tubes, shafts, and corridors
Wandering around, then you see the light
As much as you run,
you don't reach it
In the labyrinth of the senses
In the turmoil of your soul, you are completely alone
In the labyrinth of the senses
Only those who are inspired will themselves be the puzzle's solution
Only those who know their goal foresee a way
And the one who devised it holds your fate in their hand
But if it should devise itself, constantly growing, winding forward
It must be infinite and must be you alone for your eternity
Someone has turned the wheel of time
And however you hurry, you're always too late
The senses sharpened and plagued by desperation
A confusing game of the senses, you have chased yourself
In the labyrinth of the senses
In the turmoil of your soul, you are completely alone
In the labyrinth of the senses
Only those who are inspired will themselves be the puzzle's solution

Christmas, It's Cool

Versions: #2
And it came to pass in those days of November
that the first magazine stated off the festivities
It’s Christmas, it’s cool, it’s the nicest time of year
it’s Christmas Ball in Nisseland,1 a family celebration
With a twinkle in the eye people put their winter clothes on
for the yearly migration up and down Strøget2
shopping, present wrapping, things get bought and sold
melting snow, running nose, it’s freaking cold
it’s winter, a bit of cold and snow is to be expected
but of course DSB3 couldn’t have expected that
no nonsense, they’ve sworn, they are completely sure
but at the first sign of frost the mill stops working
people fidget, shout, and look at their watches
and kick after invalid, pathetic pigeons
there’s nothing to do and the angry bus drivers
makes it hard to keep up the Christmas Spirit
“Move towards the fucking back,” the bastard shouts hoarsely
but it’s Christmas, it’s cool, it’s the nicest time of year
It’s Christmas, it’s cool, pine and barrel organs
there are men selling christmas trees in all open squares
12 movable elves and a black mechanical cat
In a window facing Strøget uses several thousand watt
colorful presents in colorful Christmas bags
even in Bilka4 and in Irma and in all Brugser in the country
you can find true Christmas spirit and free ginger biscuits
there are shelves full of festivity, there is festivity in stock
and from the ladies in Illum5 you can get it any way you like
“In cash or on credit, sir? Do you want the price tag hidden?”
they smile and are nice, mostly to the ladies in minks
and give good advice on everything from sexy underwear to cosmetics
and the rest of us paupers, we can go to Dalle-Valle6
the ladies there are nice enough to smile to everyone
there is lots of clothes in boxes, that fits without a doubt
it’s Christmas, it’s cool, pine and barrel organs
It’s Christmas, it’s cool, look around you
15,000 people in Magasin7
they have wet leather shoes, they have scarves
they have coats, presents, lots to do
but they’re having a nice time, of course they are
plastic stars, plastic pine, plastic snow
puts spirits into systems, it’s so easy-peasy, not an issue
just buy a Christmas set of lotions from the Christmas bazaar
or sugar jars, dolls, fine, modern and quite beautiful
cute sets of corkscrews, glasses and bottle openers
from a hidden speaker
“A child is born in Bethlehem”8 in Hammondorgel-verson
we are a tradition-bound people, in the the country of traditions,
so we have as good a time as we can
and especially indispensable, that’s Magasin
it’s Christmas it’s cool, look around you
'High from the tree's green top...'9
'Meet Santa Claus at 1 o'clock, 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the Christmas salon on the third floor'
'Our well-stocked wine section is offering a complete mulled wine-set for only 39.95'
'Little 5-year old Øjvind has lost his mom, he can be picked up in customer service'
“Oh dear me, is it already…”
Christmas, it’s cool, time passes so fast, nothing has changed since last year
it's the same things we’re eating, it’s the same things we’re doing
the same things on TV, the same Christmas present
same money trouble, it’s difficult and expensive
solely overstretched credit cards
abundance and gluttony with family and friends
the consciences is solved with a small donation10
it’s the time of Christmas parties11 traditional fun, drunk driving, adultery and food waste
we’ve been there before, we know exactly what’ll happen
dieting in January, all of that
it’s laborious but next year is far away
it’s Christmas, it’s cool, time passes so fast
'I dream about a white beach
with palms and summerly weather
I'll celebrate Christmas
in the swimming pool
long away from snow and Christmas trees.'
  • 1. This is a reference to a popular family movie, which includes a sequence where the child main character dreams that he's at a ball with nisser (christmas elves, in this context).
  • 2. The main shopping street in Copenhagen
  • 3. Danish State Railways
  • 4. Bilka, Irma and Brugsen are all Danish Supermarket chains
  • 5. Illum is a fancy department store in central Copenhagen
  • 6. A less fancy department store, properly called Daells Varehus
  • 7. Another department store, midway between Illum and Dalle-Valle in fanciness
  • 8. The Danish version of Puer natus in Bethlehem
  • 9. Popular Danish Christmas song from 1848
  • 10. Many kids get so called 'Christmas calendars' which are cardboards with small doors of which you open one for each day of December up until the 24th. An 'Ulandskalender' is a Christmas calendar where the proceeds go to charity for developing countries ('Udviklings' or just 'U' countries).
  • 11. This likely refers specifically to co-worker Christmas parties, which are known for overdrinking and infidelity

Tropicana klub

Hadd vigyelek el egy helyre
Ahol a tagsági egy mosolygós arc,
Súrolj vállat a csillagokkal.
Ahol idegenek kézen fognak,
És üdvözölnek Csodaországban -
A Panamakalapjuk alól....
Tropicana klub, ingyenes italok,
Móka és napsütés - van mindenkinek elég.
Csak a tenger hiányzik,
De ne aggódj, tudsz barnulni!
Kitaszítottak és Szeretők találkoznak,
Majd a Tropicana hőjében csókolóznak,
Nézd, ahogy a hullám megtörnek az öbölben.
Lágy, fehér homok, egy kék lagúna,
Koktél idő, egy nyári dallam,
Egy egész estét nyaralás!
Pakold a csomagjaidat,
És menj ma este.
Ne habozz,
Mozgasd a lábad, ne késd le a járatod!
Menő, menő, menő, menő
Menő, menő, menő, menő