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Raphael (Japan) - White Love Story dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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White Love Story

The city is gentle, my humming heart is joyful
Lit up by these streetlamps while I walk, I'm holding onto a dream
A melodic hymn carries my wish for you;
Carrying a miracle, accompanied by the white snow
Lovers snuggling close, not cold on a freezing cold night
Permitted on this holy night, I lean onto a miracle...
Merry Xmas It's white love story
Like melting away into an unrealistic dream
Merry Xmas It's white love story
Let's hold hands and begin our white love story
Lovers snuggling close, not cold on a freezing cold night.
Permitted on this holy night, I lean onto a miracle...
Merry Xmas It's white love story
Like melting away into an unrealistic dream
Merry Xmas It's white love story
Holding hands, the white love story is now ours
Merry Xmas, the miracle is now
The dream I kept praying for, now, gently
Merry Xmas It's white love story
A Merry Xmas just for the two of us; I love you...
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I'm in the street, in a street all lonely
Walking, walking and never looking back
At the point my path is mingled with the black
I seem to see a phantom wait for me
Ashen clouds overcast the darkling sky
Lightening bolts seek the chimneys of homes
In this midnight only two who sleepless roam
I here am one and there the sidewalks lie
Drop by drop a terror collects in me
At the head of every street the demons wait
The houses fix their gaze, dark black and great,
On me, like blindmen with their eyes ripped free
The sidewalks, mother to the suffering
Sidewalks, the person who has lived in me
Sidewalks, sound heard when all sounds cease to be
Sidewalks, a language within me lingering
I'll not give up life in a soft embrace
I am the child nursed at this sidewalk's breast
Please let no morning on this dark street rest
On this dark street let me ever run my race
Let me go on and the road, let us not stay
Let the lamps flow past me like a flood
Let hungry dogs hear the click-clack of my tread
Let there be an arch, vaulted in gloom, on my way
Let the daytimes be yours, give me darknesses
Let me not walk in light nor to eyes appear
As in a damp quilt let me wrap myself here
Cover me, cover me in their cool darknesses
If my body, full-length on these stones could lie
If these cold stones would draw the fever from my brow
Like these streets plunging into uncanny drowse
If only the sidewalks' melancholy mate would die
All of my work is dedicated to Ms Z. G., who is the real counterpart of Beatrice Portinari for me.

Fodder for pigs

The pungent odour of ammonia pregnant the air
Paired with the exhalations of pigs
Their hungry cries by cutting the silence
Tonight we're going to prepare a new feed
The powerful steel hopper of the Feed mill
Silvery moonlight is reflected in shiny chrome...
And everything inside is chopped small
To feed for the pigs
Tonight we will try a new recipe
Ingredients for this I was worried at the station
Two willing hookers can be persuaded quickly
They did not know what destiny blooms
But chloroform works quickly and easily
I press the switch and the grinder starts to run
The cold metallic sound of two steel rotors...
In the sack next to me is one of the whores
The clothes are disposed of, ready for slaughter...
With her on the shoulder I ascend the ladder
A glimpse of the funnel is pure anticipation
With her feet first she slips deep down
And then your last dance begins...
The rotors begin to separate their body
The insane pain leads your consciousness back
Cold Chrome breaks your cries to Kakaphonie
Then the meat falls silent...
Only the grinder continues to do its duty
Foaming blood squirts in my face as a fine spray
The rotors have reached the upper body
In the flesh and bone mash the naked body trembles
Until there is only nutritious food left...
So your life still fulfils a good purpose
As fodder for pigs
At least their dead body has its value
As fodder for pigs
A whore still is left that night
As fodder for pigs
The smacking of the animals the next morning
Sounds deeply satisfied whether of the new house recipe...
Fodder for pigs

A jó, ami fáj

Most hol van ez a furcsa érzés
Jönni valahonnan
Ez lenyűgöz
Ugyan úgy ahogy zavar
Megborzongtam a szépségtől
Mint kés a lelkemben
A sebek a szívemen mennek keresztül
És én
Örömöt érzek a fájdalomban
Kínzom magam ezzel a méreggel
Míg el nem veszítem az elmém
A jó, ami fájdalmat okoz
Amikor szeretsz
Teljesen normális
A gyűlöleted
Nagyon jó szenvedni
Add át magad a varázslatnak
Hagyd könnyeid folyni
A jó, ami fájdalmat okoz
[Fájdalmat okoz]
Amikor szeretsz
Teljesen átlagos
[A jó, ami fájdalmat okoz]
A te fájdalmad
Az igazi örömöket
Csak kínzással éred el
Tedd le fegyvereid
Hagyd a könnyeid folyni
Az erőszakos kényszert
Úgy érzem
A földre csúszok
Ha nem találom meg
Honnan jön ez a pestis
A bőröm alatt
Az őrült ötletek miatt
Mindegy vágyam elszáll
A vágy lesz a börtönöm
Míg el nem veszítem az elmém
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Versions: #2
My soul is full of holes
Every minute that I live
Desists as a void;
Black and forlorn in my consciousness
Lost my reason
I am drowning in screams
In my mind, earthquake
Is entangled with the sounds of rain
My courage lacking ego
Dissappear, knowing there is no purpose
I'm not where I'm supposed to be
The place I am supposed to be has given up on me...
I'm fighting with my mind
To see the truth
Rain stops
Where I find peace,
My dreams are dark
Reaching for the other end of the clif
Is a phrase of infinite pain
And the darkness on the horizon
Purpose of my existence
What is in this world?
To keep mourning to be born
To yearn for existence
To be happy in solitude
(Dream, its real and desperate call
found my body
Non-moving eyes
And with demonic desires)
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