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Go Google It!

Please do not ask me why
All of you want to know me, I think
Please do not ask me why
All of you want to know me
This is the first time I'm feeling this way
For starters, a noob should lurk more before making any post.
I want to become more friendly with you
If you wanna act all intimate, then do it on the VIP board!
If you've got something to say, why not just say it clearly?
What do you think of me?
How should I know? 'Go Google It!'
'Go Google It!'
'What's your email address?' 'Go Google It!'
'Where do you live?' 'Go Google It!'
'What types are you interested in?' 'Go Google it at Yahoo!'
'When can we meet again?' 'Go Google It!'
'Do you like eggplant?' 'Upload it, you bum!'
'Are you in a relationship?' (I kinda do wanna tell you that...)
I can't be honest with you, this is bad
Your voice is echoing repeatedly in my heart.
Delete it! Mod, do your thing already!
I will talk about your charm.
This place is not your diary!
Troll Megurine, go home already! Stop making unacceptable threads!
I want to know what you really think
How should I know? 'Go Google It!'
'Go Google It!'
'What are your three sizes?' 'Go Google It!'
'What color are your panties?' 'Go Google It!'
'Are you wearing any panties?' 'Google it at Rakuten!'
'I've always liked you' 'Shuddup.'
'I love you' 'Good work multi-posting'
'Please understand how I feel' (I actually do understand...)
My real feelings are trapped inside my heart
With this attitude, I will seriously get myself hated
I actually love you more than anyone else
'Realize this already, you doof!'
'Please don't get the wrong idea
You, you have nothing to do with this
My face is red because of the red tuna.
'You won't be honest with me?' 'I can't!'
'I like you' 'Are you stupid?'
If my true feelings can actually be googled,
Then I will 'age' (bump) my entire self to you...
Please do not ask me why (I promise the truth there)
All of you want to know me, I think (I want to become sweet girl)
Please do not ask me why
All of you want to know me (Honest feeling)
You search it with this Google!

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