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Amanda Miguel - Cenizas dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Today, I don't know why,
I've started to miss you
And, wherever I look,
I find memories of you.
And I've almost cried
Feeling that you're all alone,
Lost in roads
That one day, led you far away from me.
And I wonder, where are you?
What do you think that happened with you?
And, could someone else give you
The same things that I gave you?
Today, I don't know why,
I reminisce once again
About our happy days
And time stops moving forward...
And I wonder, where are you?
I wish I could meet you again,
Have one more chance
To love each other just like yesterday...
And I wonder, where are you?
Whether you've ever thought about me,
If you've managed to forget
The magic of loving thus,
More and more each time!
When, after making love,
We made love once again,
We were like the wild fire that razed everything before it...
And all that was left
Were ashes, here inside my heart...
Aaaah... Oooh...

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