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Septum Lucidum

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My veins split and the livers are itching
My gullet is dry, it complains when the beast is there
Digging without hands, my stomach floods and asks me
If the cancers are still devouring my head
I silence myself, I would not want it to worry
Crumbling, liquefaction of the working masses
While the rodents are gnawing
No one is surprised anymore when a few fingers pierce me
My head hurts!
From circumvolutions to putrefaction
Vampires bask in the sun
I twist and convulse
She revolts my eyes
Shows me this body in the mirror
I don't belong there anymore
Many lives exhaust me from within
Traversed, consumed
I am tired of waiting for the wrong time
The vermin swoons, admires itself
In front of the beautiful brain
God leaves me to learn
'My flesh is really meat'
My stringy envelope questions itself
Doctor who growls in my empty body, and resounds
I do not understand when he speaks
My senses are absent and the tumor feasts
My head hurts!
How can I explain it to you?
And if you get angry and I let go
My tasty pills, easy to swallow, my mouth will be docile
Leave me alone!
It stalks and hurts only me!
Leave me empty!
I am so afraid!
Fear is weakness, it only kills you!
When it dies!
The beast doesn't cry, it always laughs in you!
I'm in so much pain!
The pains are weaknesses and kill only you!
When it cries!
The beast does not cry!
The eye in the center doesn't open anymore, doesn't know
If I am still lying or if I do not love myself anymore
Inside, the crisis roars, in a fury, it freezes
The sounds breathe to the breaths of the hearts
Think: 'I warn you, someone is taking you!
I warn you, someone is lying to you!'
How long?
How many more winds will be ignored?
How many times will my soft teeth fall?
My dreams call me, always tie themselves into knots: they're muted
My life interests them, the suicidal nights follow one another
Taking precedence over the cure that they sell me
The pains will never be wise
I am the soul of the fathers, masters, who live you
The one who feels you
Girl, this is your heritage
I am the one who walks in the center of your head
He who sells you
The pains will never be wise
I, the merchant of weak flesh
I take you when you invite me
I am you and you are me
My child, come kiss me tenderly
I am so afraid
Fear is weakness, it only kills you
When he dies
The beast does not cry, always laughs in you
I'm in so much pain
Pain is weakness, it kills only you
When it cries
Fear is weakness, it only kills you
I am so afraid
The beast doesn't cry, it always laughs in you
When it dies
The pains are weaknesses and kill only you
The beast does not cry, it still lives in me
It stalks and hurts only me

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