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Given (OST) - まるつけ (Marutsuke) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

English Align paragraphs


Versions: #1
Loneliness is a weapon
Hurt people
Don't notice it
Love is ill
My chest will be painful
There's no cure
These days are miracles
But something is missing
Blank not filled
You are strange
Its existence is me
Strong or weak
How about us
I think I'm a human
How about
While deepening, round up
Kindness is building blocks
The higher it gets
But it also becomes brittle
Correctness is justice
But people step outside
What saves it?
How about us
Do you have a 'love'
How about
No answer
How about us
Can you do 'life'
How about
Make a wish Marutsuki

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As long as the world exists

Like who fell in love for the first time
My heart is disordered and can't sleep
People are born, they love other people
And know happiness
I like you, I like you so much
Stay the way you are
Probably you'll understand my feelings
I want to hold you tenderly
I'll swear you as long as the world exists
You will have no regrets
I was born, I loved you
And I became happy

It Is, It Is Not

It is a rebellious passion.
A good feeling.
The glance and the idea
that never rests.
It is the life that goes on.
It is the cure of time.
The biggest possibility.
It is neither a bet nor revenge.
It is not the stance of those who never doubt.
It is not a victory, the applause of the world.
Of what happens, the deep sense.
The string of a kite,
a subtle balance.
It is not the 'what' but the 'how'
between the beginning and the end.
It is neither of many nor of few.
It's only of some.
A conquest, a necessity.
It is neither a mission neither a game.
It is not 'What do you care?', it is not 'Makes no difference'.
It is not convincing oneself that everything goes.
Becoming old while changing channels.
Listen and pay attention.
Getting drunk on love
is a fixation
and the trade I choose.
And the ink clung
to the paper on which I write
makes me worthier
and is what I live for.
It is not a victory, the applause of the world.
Of what happens, the deep sense.
It is not, it is not, it is not, it is not, it is no, it is no.

The Twilit Sky

Versions: #1
Can you see the twilit sky?
Collecting tears upon your little eyelids
You have yet to know
That you’re not alone
That there’s a friend
Waiting somewhere, somewhere for you
To whom you open your heart
With whom you talk, in whom you believe
The twilit sky is the color of your blood
The red oath to carry love, to help each other
Can you see that distant road?
Nobody would've known
There was a flower blooming down there
You have yet to know
That you’re not alone
That there’s a forever bosom friend
Waiting somewhere, somewhere for you
Though the sun fades and storms rage on
Down that distant road you are heading
Dreams are far away, farther than anywhere else


In the night she weeps
Her tears fall down her cheeks
She has no one to comfort her
Deep into the night
Her image appears
And through the silence
The cry of her heart is heard
We wished to fill what she lacks
We called out to her, whispered her name
And in the depths of our heart, we wept along with her
Arise, cry out in the night
At the beginning of the watches
Pour out your heart like water
Do not be deceitful against your own soul
To think this was all in vain
For every tear and every word counts
All of your rights are kept in the place of the king's treasuries
Together they all become a crown
A tiara for your head
And even though there is no one who can truly understand
What more can be done
We did not stop our wishes
And there are moments in which all that's left
Is merely faith in the nights
Faith in the nights