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Ketil Bjørnstad - Lofotoratoriet: IV. Mellom Mosken og Lofoten dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Between Lofoten and Mosken

Between Lofoten and Mosken, the sea is between 36 and 40 fathoms deep. But on the other side, between Mosken and Værøy, the sea is so shallow that ships can hardly pass through. Even in calm weather, ships sometimes run aground here. At high tide, the sea comes in between Lofoten and Mosken at very high speed, and when the tide turns, the water spins out again with high slapping waves that sound louder than the highest river falls. The noise can be heard from 10 km away. The Fossum-Kvervland maelstrøm is so big and fierce that if a ship gets caught there, it will be sucked down and beaten to pieces. When the sea calms, the wrecks can be seen. The sea here is only calm exactly during the tidal shift, if the weather is otherwise calm. It never lasts more than 15 minutes. Then the current starts up again with increasing power, and if there is a storm to boot it is dangerous to sail closer than 10km when the tide is at its strongest. Boats, fishing boats and ships have gone down here because they sailed too far into the maelstrøm and got caught. Even whales have been caught here, they scream and bellow while they, in vain, try to get away.

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