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Le Jinzhen (乐金震) - 关山酒 (shān diǎn jiǔ) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


Drinking on Mt. Guan

*Alone atop Mt. Guan I drink, a lifetime in each swig
In the swirling snow I toast, to you brave hero
Miles away from home, from young to old I grow
Wielding a silver spear, unrestrained in my youth
Many years have the wind and snow, witnessed only by nature day after day
Weathered the rocks and stones, 'til only a bony structure remain
Unending is the frontier war, its smoke as far as the eye can see
Yet unyielding is our spirit, and never will it wilt
In the midst of it all I acted swiftly with sword in hand
Cutting down foes and broke through the ranks
Waiting for the day when peace can finally reign
And Chang An can be free again
Drinking, penning poems, idling my time away
Until a call to arms made me don a brand-new helm
Frivolous by nature, much untamed and free
Fettered now by this world be misery
Dancing freely, filling bowl after jade bowl to the brim with wine
Just for that one person even when inebriated
And when the enemy came, when the situation became desperate
Our homeland with you I pledged to protect

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