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I loved you and I love you

I loved you and I love you until the clouds stop
Wander after the clouds and roads end
I loved you and I love you until the waves stop
Racing after the waves in the sun's distance
I told you and I tell you, our love is destined
And the tears are destined on secret papers
I told you and I tell you, if people part
From each other they part, In my heart you're a fire
You said I forgot and love is short lived
My criticism of you is harsh and lover's criticism is grand
Wherever you are and the longing gets loud
However you go, and the years distance us
Say he is still waiting at the front door
You stay and I'll stay, a fragrance of old nights
And if they ask deny me, and say a love that was
Stay in my heart, a broken secret
Sleep in my heart, until the wind tires
I hid you in my eyes, away from forgetfulness

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