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When they tell me 'your life is beautiful'
A slow walk, a wide smile
You must have grown under the sun and palm trees
The star was named after you
You run factories of clouds
And you sniff money like a hunting dog
You talk to people so easily
You can sing in seven languages
With your words, hearts get broken
It's said that you know and act
But not everyone can see
Yes, that's your strongest skill
And you don't have a home, a home, and you don't have a home
Where is your home, home, where is your home?
My life is beautiful because I paint it1
It's easy for me to walk because I don't care
And my smile is just a memory
The only heart that's broken like asphalt,
On this aimless road that doesn't lead to a home,
is mine
The eyes of a layman see a man
But they are blind to that child
Who's screaming inside 'help'
Because he has no home, home, home
Where is my home, home, where is my home?
Because he has no home, home, because he has no home
Where is my home, home, where is my home?
  • 1. by myself

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Ordinary woman

[Verse 1]
You can win a million, or win a car,
you can be good at golf or do somersault,
you can be cool, or be lucky at cards,
having a big house, or to party everyday,
but I know I won the first prize... An ordinary woman.
[Verse 2]
You can be a businessman and man know-it-all,
you can make a tunnel* and don't be thrown in jail,
you can be the boss and drive a Porsche,
but having such a woman as you do, it seems worse to me
and that's why I know I won first prize... An ordinary woman.
She's as ordinary as a summer meadow and always looks at me kindly,
she doesn't make waves if I do,
she's soothing like a summer breeze and has a lot positive traits
so I'm humming every morning:
[Verse 1:]
And that's why I know I won first prize... An ordinary woman.
[Verse 2:]

We are Atatürk's youth

Versions: #1
Sun rises with us!
Rain,rains with us!
The sea has waves with us!
The flame burns with us!
We are Atatürk's Youth!
Hoyra ri ra ri ra hey
Our sound is It's(God's) sound!
Hoyra ri ra ri ra hey
This will raise with us:
Hoyra ri ra ri ra hey
Atatürk's Turkey!
Hoyra ri ra ri ra hey
With our love,knowledge
We are serving our country!
With our march,our enthusiasm
We are in Atatürk's serve!
Saplings grow with us
Flowers bloom with us
Life with us
The nation lives with us
We are Atatürk's youth
Hoyra ri ra ri ra hey
Our voice is His voice
Hoyra ri ra ri ra hey
Will rise with us
Hoyra ri ra ri ra hey
Ataturk's Turkey
Ri ra hoy ra hoy ra hey
With our love and knowledge
We are at the service of our nation
With our oath, with our enthusiasm
We are in the footsteps of our Ata!

Oh, Little Children

Oh! little children, give a break
To your Daddy, ever so sleepy
Stop running around
No, it ain’t funny anymore
Stop driving me
Straight to my grave
Tomorrow, I have to go to work
I got your living to earn
Oh! little children
Close those cute little beepers
Sleep tight, sleep fast
Until tomorrow
Go to sleep!
Come on!
Oh! Little children
Be kind
For your aging Papa
He went out last night
He came back really late
All he wants now
Is his big warm bed
He does love you, believe it’s true
Especially when you’re in your pajamas
Tomorrow, I swear
We’ll play untill Midnight
I’ll do the choo-choo train, the horsey
And the doggy
Come on, now, go to sleep!
Oh! Little children
Give a break
To your poor Daddy, ever so sleepy

Letters From The Land Of Childhood

You wake up in the dark
Reaching out for the clock
Brush your teeth blindly
And then you set out
You've been waiting for too long
It was too easy to forget
Exactly how good it might feel
To give up and say stop
You run as far as you can
You run as far as you can
It seemed so important
To do it properly
That you almost became afraid
Of doing anything at all
But now, you're tossing the bomb
Blowing everything up
You're losing it all
But it doesn't matter at all
You run as far as you can
With your dreams on fire
You run as far as you can
With your dreams on fire
You walk out on the street
Getting onto the bus
While the day is dawning
And everything's a turmoil
That's how it ought to feel
How life ought to be lived
Hallelujah for letters
From the land of childhood
You run as far as you can
With your dreams on fire
You run as far as you can
With your dreams on fire
Only a small pang of saying goodbye
Mostly the sweet taste of freedom