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My Hero

You were my kindness,
You were the Essence of my life.
Why did you become a past from the present?
You were my warmth,
You were my happiness,
My sun why did you take my own light!
For the sake of the land and your nation,
For your sake and your honor,
You walked fearless towards eternity that was calling
Now i have to live for you and me,
In order to fulfill what you left unfulfilled
I will pray endlessly in your favourite monstery by talking to you my Hero.
My soul is empty,
My heart is broken,
I am drowning in a sea of ​​tears.
My longing and love have become much more
Oh if only I could hug you right now
Oh, God, give me power to resist,
To remain on the land that became a body.
To strengthen myself with the Soldier
Who fell in the battlefield.

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