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Thaís Gulin - Cinema Americano dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


American Cinema

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So manly, so brute, so coca-cola, niggah*, so rock n'roll
So atomic bomb, so scared, so dumb, so desperate
So jeans, so center, so headboard, so God
So rage, so war, so much command and goodbye
So industry, so ours, so fake, so Santa Claus
So Oscar, so sad, so boring, so UN and Nobel
So hot dog, so social cancer, so daffodil
So square, so fundamental
So good, so beautiful, so free, so New York
So money, so macho, so western, so Ibope
Racists, paternalists, shareholders
I prefer our sambistas
The heart bypass, Hollywood and success
The cinema, the White House, the frying pan and success
Barra da Tijuca Hollywood and success
I prefer our sambistas
I prefer the pale anti-man poet who laughs and who cries
Who reads Rimbaud, Verlaine, who is fragile and who adores you
Who understands the triumph of poetry over football
But plays his game every Sunday under the sun
Rather than Slayer, prefers listening to Caetano, listening to Mano Chao
Not that Slayer isn't cool and visceral
The despair face of American men is normal
This fear of the female face by Christ is natural
It takes more than a punch to make a sound, a man, a movie
It takes your love, your feminine, your swing
To be good in bed, it takes a lot more than a big dick
You have to be a male, be female, be elegant
I prefer our sambistas

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