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Yugoslav Partisan Songs - Steg Partije [Multilingual Version] dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Banner of the Party [Multilingual Version]

With Tito ahead of us, through the burning flames,
We have come to the biggest battle!
Our Party – through the havoc of darkness,
We are led by your banner!
Storms shake the blackening fires,
The banner of the triumphant Party waves!
Our Party is the banner and Tito is our Party,
He leads us through distress!
Our Party is the banner and Tito is our Party,
We're singing your victory!
Brotherly peoples, the future calls us,
With Tito – for the Plan – now let's fight!
𝄆 Our Party – for new victories,
We raise your banner again! 𝄇
Tito, with you, in the great battle,
For life and death we go forward!
Under the victorious banner,
The Party has freed us!
Free villages and new workers,
Our country will be build anew!
Our Party – to do great work,
Your powerful voice is calling us!

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