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Zoya Yashchenko - Комната (Komnata) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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I lived in this room,
Sat on the chair and looked
At the sharp corner of the table,
Where the ginger lamp burned.
I came over and lay,
and lay, and took a sweater.
And where did I get such unnecessary and beaten words?
Every breath seemed superfluous,
Untimely breaths,
The beginning of all earthly separations
seemed like every date.
A ball swung under the ceiling,
The pine tree had almost no smell,
A duet of unhappy guitars
sat silently in the corner behind the bookshelf.
And everything is wrong, and everything is incorrect:
That he's a stranger, that I'm a stranger
I take my coat off the hanger.
It accompanies me until the end.
He's alive and I'm barely living.
Poems are crossed out in my notebook
And will speak words.
First the ball will break
then the old sweater will tear.
And we, forgotten by each other,
Will go along the necks of two guitars.

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