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AnnenMayKantereit - Jenny Jenny dalszöveg fordítás

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Jenny, Jenny

A nap a tükörben kezdődik:
Fáradt szemek felébrednek
Az ajkak téglavörösek.
Utána a szokásos reggeli kávé,
Kéket és sárgát hord;
Azt mondja, szeretne egy állandó munkát
Azt mondja, a világ kisebb, ha minden nap repülsz
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas, egyre csak mosolyog
Pont, mint a többi légikísérő
Jenny, felhőlovas
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas, egyre csak mosolyog
Pont, mint a többi légikísérő
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas
Minden landolás után
Ő a nevetés a hullámtörésben,
Ezer utas között, akik nem akarnak várni
Az útlevélvizsgálatnál és a vámnál.
Utána három óra rostokolás,
Jenny hidegen issza a kávét
És rákeres Panamára -
Két évvel ezelőtt ott volt tíz percig.
Ó, Panama
Ó, Panama (Panama)
Ó, ó, ó Panama (Panama)
Ó, ó, ó Panama (Panama)
Ó, milyen szép Panama (Panama)
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas, egyre csak mosolyog
Pont, mint a többi légikísérő
Jenny, felhőlovas
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas, egyre csak mosolyog
Pont, mint a többi légikísérő
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas
Isten hozott a fedélzeten!
Isten hozott a fedélzeten!
Isten hozott a fedélzeten!
Isten hozott a fedélzeten!
Minden nap tízezer mérföld a tenger fölött,
Azt mondja, néha hazajön
De nem tudja már, honnan
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas, egyre csak mosolyog
Pont, mint a többi légikísérő
Jenny, felhőlovas
Jenny, Jenny, felhőlovas
Egyre csak nevet,
Pont, mint a többi légikísérő
Jenny, felhőlovas
Isten hozott a fedélzeten!
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További dalszöveg fordítások

You'll come to me

You'll come to me, big and warm
You'll embrace me tenderly
And kiss me so hard, that the glass
In our neighbor's home will start ringing.
And I'll soften up in your arms
And grow languid, like in a steambath
And in the soft bed, you will
Belong to me alone.
And the stars will gawk
Into my unwashed window.
You'll forget about your sorrows,
Your wife, children, and dominoes
And I'll forget my weakling husband
May he be somewhere beyond faraway winds
Searching for puddles of gasoline
And feeding those furious mosquitoes.
And in the morning you'll leave, stooping,
Cursing all the world with profanity.
In the crossroads of the dusty streets,
I'll see your silhouette.
You left me a tenner on the drawers,
As if by habit.
While youth passes us by,
And the days slip by, like in a film.
And life quietly passes
Not so much life, but anyway...
Not so much life, but anyway...

Caucasian ballad

I look at the beautiful blue sky over Chechnia,
And it's like the Sun opened its fan.
Gloomy towers are singing out
with Banu for the ancient Ghilgo .
My heart's been stolen by Kistina,
And my soul wants to flee to her.
Mother Chiukhi will not stop me,
I'll run away from Mikhto tonight.
I'll cover you with a burka (coat) till the morning,
I'll bring a horse without a trace on snow.
My dear (lying in my arms), trust me,
And I will clothe your frozen hands.
If my pursuer (enemy) reaches me
And Lashari's wish comes true,
Always remember that I loved you,
I never was a liar or a coward.
When there's darkness in my eyes
And I return my soul to Christ, Son of God,
My fatherland will mourn over my (dead) body,
And my heart will still miss Kistina.
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Heart Theism

The lies I’ve told up to now, the truths I’ve told up to now
I became worried about which outweighed which, and stopped searching
The parts of myself that I hate, the parts of myself that I like
Now I know which outweighs which, and it makes me sad
If I was just going to be hated in the end, if I was going to be hated by the person I loved
Then I decided to be the first to hate before that happened
But if someday I long for someone and want them to love me
I’ll make the first move before that happens
“Let’s try to fall in love”
You cry so beautifully, that, by your side, without realising it, I smiled
And that made you smile too, which has made me so happy I’m crying, crying
The people with no faith in humanity, who curse the future; and the people with faith in humanity, who dream of the future
The me who used to search for yesterday is gone, gone
You are a washing machine for humanity
I want every household to use one
With that, there’s nothing that won’t work out, there are no lies
The effects are amazing, you can find a new you
But it can be toxic, take care with usage and dosage
Let’s write a catchphrase like this
Even if a perfect clone of you achieves success
You are a unique goddess, unlike anything on earth
That can be seen by the naked eye
You made the world round
So that nobody would cry in a corner, didn’t you?
So when you’re not here, I look for a corner and cry and cry
You gave life an end so that nobody would waste it
So when you’re not here I hold my breath and wait
And then, though you always came to me
You’re gone
The people with faith in humanity who dream of the future, will become tomorrow’s suicide candidates, waiting to die
The me of three minutes ago has shown his face, shown his face again
When I stopped breathing I found my heart
When I opened it, I you were there
As long as I have you in the left atrium of my heart, I have no problems
You brought words of eternal happiness
To people who, until two seconds ago, were suicide candidates
That you is gone, gone, gone
But you are in my heart, sending a pulse through my whole body
Saying “Stay alive today, stay alive today, and stay the way you are”
Sending me love from my white blood cells, my red blood cells and so many other places
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In our secret world

Oh, you are so nice
I love you
Your hair is so beautiful
Your eyes sparkle at me
Soon I'll be kind
When spring comes
Trust me, my love
I'm reborn every summer
I can kneel in the storm
But I stand as a man
Not completely without reason to repent
In our secret world
In our secret world
I would die for you
In my dreams
You know I love the rain
and I'm a bit afraid of the dark
Oh, say it again, my love
If I can be true to you every minute
Will you have me forever
In our secret world
In our secret world
So breathe in
And sharpen your claws
And go into battle
Without being afraid to die
There's enough room
In our secret world
In our secret world
In our secret world