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Tudom nincs mit mondanom
A helyemet most átadom
Mikor rossz idők járnak
Mikor a lelkek is fáznak
Nem döntesz a magas fűbe
Hadd érjek el az önkívületbe.
Tudom nincs belőled semmi
Tudom nincs mit tenni
Mikor rossz idők járnak
És nincs beteljesülése a vágynak
Nem fektetsz a magas fűbe
Hadd érjek el az önkívületbe.
Gondolom, ezt azért kell tudnod:
Nem fogsz hiányozni, ha elsodor sorsod
Oly sokat voltam a mélyben
Számkivetetten, veszélyben
Nem tudnál elengedni
Hadd menjek dolgom végezni.
Tudom abban reménykedsz hogy találsz
Valakit, aki majd nyugalmat ad
Mikor rossz idők járnak
Mikor a lelkek is fáznak
Nem hempergetsz a magas fűbe
Hadd érjek el az önkívületbe.
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A higher force

When everything starts to fall apart,
all you have.
Light fades, the shadow leaves you:
It would seem you're all alone!
You put the finger on your forehead, you gaze into the sky,
You ask: 'Why me?'
Who is playing with your life,
you do not know!
Why for the moment you put your hands together,
like you're expecting
that the rain which drenches your thoughts
will soon stop.
Is there some force above us?
'God, help', you call and realize
that no one hears your voice.
And it seems like you wanted to reach the sky
to squeeze from it the one fault
for everything wrong that happened to you.
And there the dark cloud sleeps-
nothing but an infinity,
maybe the Darwin's theory
is correct?
Actually the forces exist only
when someone
needs to get screwed,
to pay for the still uncommitted sins.
And the rains in the head now fall more intensely,
and you as in a dream,
muttering prayers, silent, the most silent..
No one hears you anyway!
When everything starts to fall appart,
everything you have,
you put the finger on your forehead
asking yourself 'Why me?'

The extra

A jewel for me
is the taste of your kisses
they fall by their weight
but they don't reach the goal
and you prefer to presume
oh having me as prisioner.
I'm convinced that
your eyes glow of seeing me
and I can't convince myself
because you said to me yesterday
that there will be a first time
luckily tomorrow
I want without offending
to say that you're excited
your heart throbs
just by supposing
that I'll ask you again
to give me the extra.
I'm not pretencious, dear
but because you hurt me
I carry a spine
that folds my heart
if the extra is the illusion
of all my life.
Sometimes I think
that you play the resistant
my begging has no entrance
you act like you didn't listen
that in the final route
the extra is nothing
In order to slow down
and understand I don't lie
oaths from my lips
you maybe have to hear
or else I'll have to wait
till the marriage.
I don't understand why
your heart slips from me
and your mouth kills me
when you say no
that besides of the heart
I ask you the extra
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[Young Adam:]
You are not in my life anymore
Only at my last dawn
I will see you
[Maestro Cadenza:]
Ah, will I ever hear again
The way the love of my whole life sings?
[Lumière & Plumette:]
Won't we be truly free of shackles
And chains of the witchcraft?
[mrs. Potts:]
Ah, that sunlight
You're not with us for so long
Who will advice
How to return the warmth?
[Madame de Garderobe:]
We don't sing
About the tears all of us shed
We're captured by the curse
But still, we will always sing only about happiness
How among all this sadness
Love hasn't left you?
I've lived so simply before
And now everything is so complicated
(Sunlight) I can't go back into my childhood
(Has illuminated the shadows and dissapeared) The one, where my father led me
I take my wings but still drowning
I've become strong, but still in captivity
We believe, it will be back
That light of love
Only sunlight will save us from the darkness

Summer at the Lake Balaton

We were sitting on the pier and were watching
how the light on the surface of water is dancing.
We enjoyed how nice is this cliche situation.
We ate hamburger and were waiting
the half past three to come, because we're about to leave.
We leave Upper-Zamardi,
'Cause another Summer has passed at the Lake Balaton.
I remember how much I was looking forward
To that blue-eyed girl at the haven of Tihany.
And of course she didn't come, but that's what blue-eyed girls are like.
I sat into a bar and didn't even notice the niveau of the prices.
They brought me the bill and I thought I saw wrong.
The vacation flies far away, many memories flash back.
How many times it passed away, yet awaits us again
The summer at the Lake Balaton, the summer at the Lake Balaton.
We were sitting in a boat with a girl and
undressed all our chains of moral.
Nobody could see us, because the reed was thick.
I was in love and it would hurt
that girl the truth.
I was looking into her eyes and I said I wasn't married.
The vacation flies far away, many memories flash back.
How many times it passed away, yet awaits us again
The summer at the Lake Balaton, the summer at the Lake Balaton.