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The Line Has Been Drawn (Between Now and Then)

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We have been born between now and then
We are the ones still seeking for the truth
The old bygone age gave us a hundred ways
But the new age has erased them too soon
That age of machines, new technical means
Led us from atoms to stars
This age of the nets brightens our routines
But the starry path is gone
The line has been drawn
It seems to be that near
The same concrete walls and the noise
But our way of thoughts
Has become completely different
The link between the times
Has died…
We were brainwashed back in those times
That progress implies the constant fight:
The risks, the strives to the goals sublime
To the Milky Way spaceships’ flights
The might, force and power had much more weight
Than simple humans’ daily needs
What really mattered was the rockets’ range
Everything was determined by it
The line has been drawn
It seems to be that near
That naïve age of machines, leaders
And wars
But, within the nets,
The endless truths appeared
The power that exists
* * *
For hundreds of millennia, all the human kind
Honored the tools of fear and death
But the new goal has been defined
To teach everyone to be friends…
The line has been drawn
We're altered by the net
Our Earth is sick and tired of all the leaders
And wars
But some people don’t see
This age as the great one yet
When rockets matter less
Than iPhones…