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Should I die? Should I die?
Could you bury me here,
With a gaze of yours.
Doesn't it 1 know that? Doesn't it know that?
It goes running into the deeps of its ending
And that! Farewell! To you!
It's a gift from me

Let Me Go

Let me, let me go
Let me, let me go
Desires burn, they burn
Will tears break your heart?
Let me go...
It's all up to the eternity,
Once something flames up, it will only surround you.
My strawberry...
Loneliness is really harmful,
Will tears drown you?
How can I?
It burns until you're sixty years old
Loneliness tastes the death only once
My flower...
Your name will be written in the book,
'A woman with her hair shedding.
How can I know?
My head will be dizzy because of the pain,
We've walked for so long time, my friend.
Let me, let me go!
Let me, let me die at that moment.
Let me, let me go!
Let me, let me die at that moment.
Let me, let me go!
Let me, let me die at that moment.
Let me!


Wish someone could ask me
There wouldn't be any future
Almond-minded 1.
Life cannot be spent on futility.
Rasimpaşa for many times 2.
You were there when my love was broken so many times
Rasımpaşa, for the last time
I wish the love won't come accidentally.
  • 1. Going nuts*
  • 2. A neighborhood in Kadıköy-İstanbul

Love Me

I don't escape anymore
Of those who run over me
I've become free thoroughly
I don't care anymore
How could you go away?
Your words come severely upon me
You can't hold them,
Your words are so heavy upon me
Love me!
Every man who is in love?
Love me!