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Eternally Forgotten

Shadow and flesh being devoured
while they beautifully dance so vulgarly.
We are forced to surrender,
to the sickening dust of decadence.
We violate 1 the laws of nature,
an ironic paradox in the universe.
Exhausting our own superiority,
we condemn ourselves to oblivion.
No answers will ever be found here.
The will to live has perished and died
Hope blazes from the fires.
The wind cools the ash.
Redeeming our feelings and thoughts,
we go to the forest of emptiness.
Throwing into the flame all of life's virtues.
Our dreams die alone.
Over the centuries, no one will know of us.
We are lost, led astray.
We're alone here, with eternal chaos in
our buried souls, covered with ashes. 2
  • 1. lit: 'we're a mistake' to'
  • 2. These two lines are backward in Russian