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Loneliness cold

Loneliness cold
It’s harder than any other hard feeling that enters in a woman.
Cold and fear after he left her, after she considered that he will stay in her life, the first and the last one forever.
Her worst woe is at the night. She doesn’t know how to live and incapable of dying.
All the scenes between her and him comes in her memory.
She hugs herself, until his picture disappears from her mind.
The body pain goes but the soul pain remains forever in her.
The farewell wound, is the wound that in a second goes to the heart, without permission.
When the girls finds that her lover, in all of a sudden decided to leave her, she gets out of his heart and life. He makes her feel that she doesn’t matter and it won’t make a difference if she leaves his life.

Have It Your Way

Have it your way, if you feel better away from me then forget me and leave
Have it your way, what wasn't obvious before is now crystal clear
Enough talking, why would we even talk?
The wound you inflected will heal in time
I won't tell you to wait and you won't see a tear in my eyes
We won't come to each other, if you want to leave then the door is wide open
You were my love, a word that you should've doubly underlined
You were my love, the days will pass and I'll live like everyone else
Whoever sells me out I will also sell him in the blink of an eye
It doesn't matter, what should I be sad about and for whom?

Watch Out

Stay with the one who loves you1 and don't disappoint me
I've pinned my hopes on you, you're precious and I love you to death
Watch out and don't break my heart, love
Myself and my heart are entrusted to your hands
I've been dreaming and thinking about you for a long time, love
I've always felt that I'll meet you one day
The biggest happiness in my life is my happiness with you
Everything that passed in my life is yours, and what's coming is yours
I know what it's like for a drowning person to find land
Someone confused their whole life and makes a decision2 one day
You're all this to me and more, you're the dream of a lifetime
But watch out and don't let these words go to your head
  • 1. lit. the one who buys you
  • 2. lit. docks (like a ship) at land


I am the eye that will see for you
I am the voice that describes for you,
And tells you about, the world and its little details
I am the knowledge that will guide you
And I am the hand that does for you
Worldly things you wish you could just once do
I am the step that's going to move you
And I am the foot that walks for you
And I'm going to write for you so that you might read what you can't hear
I am the heart that'll make up for
Things that aren't easily made up for
And if you tire, then your pain will undoubtedly worsen its1 pain
  • 1. The heart's