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In the Towns of my Beloved Andalusia

In the towns of my beloved Andalusia,
The bell-ringers, with the rising sun,
Wake me with the clanging of their bells
And with the songs of their guitars, they make me cry
I start to sing...
I hear the birds around me join in,
Perched high in the branches, they start to fly
I see the vast flowerbeds of the Andalusian countryside
With the start of every day, they are covered in dew
I've heard their soft cries as I pass by
Ever since that first day I met you,
For loving you
Has heightened all five of my senses,
And I'd go crazy if I couldn't see you
Oh birds, all of you flying over the valleys,
Enjoying simple love and boundless liberty,
Please fly to the man I love and remind him
Remind him to come by my farm at dawn,
Remind him that my heart
Will be his as soon as he arrives
Sing the song of how painful it's been waiting for him