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It has happened a lot

It has happened a lot and will happen again
In our battle that’s muted, persistent
Now as always “we’re through” was your silly refrain
You’ll be back soon enough unresisting .
Hence my hostile friend, please do not act surprised,
Dear foe in this dark love’s possession,
When from moans of joy moans of torment arise
And my kisses have bloody aggression.

Monotonously flicker past

Monotonously flicker past
Still with the same pain my old life,
As if roses are losing petals
And sadly the nightingales die.
But she is sad as I have been,
This love was meant for me, I know,
And under her smooth and silky skin
Insidious, poisoned blood flows.
And if in this world I'm still alive,
Only because of one single dream:
Like two blind children we'll rise high,
Up a mountain, where we've never been,
Where only our young dream goes,
Into the whitest clouds we'll sail,
We will search for withered roses
And listen to dead nightingales.