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Fake news

As soon as I open the newspaper I get a flash of inspiration
And all these 'blah blah' are going to confuse my thoughts and there is no logic whatsoever.
Round the clock news seems to excite, even rave,
A scratched record that repeats a wanderer with messages, eats my brain
Surely someone has an interest in this.
I twitch like a doll on strings
Blind in a herd that is wirelessly controlled
And the shepherd sees nothing
(Where is the truth?)
Fake News, open your mouth
More news the chef cooks for you
Fake News, it's on your table, and the family also eats.
Don't forget to chew and you will swallow everything!
There are people who say that there are aliens here, they live among us,
Behind the scenes, they are the ones who run everything here.
I heard about the 'ties', the world's elite, who sign the program,
Stories from all sides, everyone is confused, and what is the ultimate goal?
So where am I? What is to me and all this?
Still twitching like a doll on strings
Thinking about who controls wireless
And the shepherd doesn't see again
Fake news
Lennon is not dead yet!