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How can I not worry (Saying farewell to girl to serve the nation)

Huoy Meas: Oh nature, you are tranquil
Seems like there's a crisis like me
Part of it is because I worry about love
Scared that their heart will lose passion
[That their] Love will depart far, far from them
Can't meet them, who will I depend on?
Sinn Sisamouth: I won't forget you
I will only separate from the owner of the romantic thoughts
To serve the nation and religion
Please remove those thoughts, dear
Don't worry at all, I'll be back
Return fast, wait to meet me [again], dear
Huoy Meas: I... am a girl, missing,
dreaming of being in my husband embrace
I can't just help myself from you
This time, how can I not worry?
Sinn Sisamouth: Please smile, honey
to keep being the ray of peace
[Even though] I'll separate [from you], my heart is always with you
It's impossible to forget you
Huoy Meas: I don't have anyone to depend on
I only have my darling
Please be careful and take care
I will pray for you
[To] be able to, return fast, back home
To rejoin our love
Sinn Sisamouth: Please don't worry, my love
I will definitely not forget our promise
Please, let me swear [to you]
Let the gods be our witnesses
To be devoted to love
That I'll only love you until I die