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Last memory, middle of the darkness
I strained my eyes and in my line of sight
Coldly lay my mother's corpse
And a scent of blood so strong I could choke
In my nightmares, someone asks me
'Do you have any regrets?'
And in my head a voice calls out to me
'Carry out their punishment'
The worst waking bears upon me
'Fate! Is this what you call karma?'
To carry out my mission of one who has escaped death
Left alone in a coffin
The color of the scattered flowers is but an illusion
I've lost both my past and love, all of it
The only sliver of hope left here
Is a fang that doesn't know how to thirst
Something that was once before human...
Oh, the pride of the beast that devours scarlet blood, come before me!
My impulses howl at me, 'exterminate them all'
This bottomless nothingness
I've known it from long ago
Under control of a fate I can't escape
It is but a minimal comfort
Pulling on the string that was once cut,
Spun up, awakened and fell, 'a boy of his days'
Except for this killing intent that clouds my lungs
There is no other reason to live
Something that was once before human...
The resolve of a beast that steals and is stolen from, come before me!
My instincts roar at me, 'Return them to the earth, leaving none behind!'
A death that expresses happiness is in itself a parting gift
Tearing up both sin and divine punishment
To those of 'lower stature', at most fakes,
I will no longer grant a path of escape
Pure blood or blood that has been tainted?
Which one are you
Who do you face, listen to?
Do you really understand?
There is no demise to the prayers for the dead
If eternal condemnation is the law of this mortal form
Oh, the pride of the beast that devours scarlet blood, feed the destruction!
My soul screams at me, 'Don't stop until you slaughter them all...'
Erupted thick fumes
Enveloped in smoke
He gets down and stands
Yes, no matter how many times