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A keresés eredménye

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egy élő
én élek
egy halott
és közöttük
egy szakadék
csak saját
mely nem viseli el
az elviselhetetlent
a szeretet
a halál
és mi
csak szemlélni
csak magunkba
ég veled


Versions: #2
E’en the crow is stilled
and listens to the loudness dance
of snow white stars.


Versions: #1
No feelings
Only doings
No questions
Only endurance
No thoughts
Only service
No tribulation
No life
No life
No death
No nothing - only

Haïku 8 Vera Jahnke

The passing the passing
Of Vera
In the clouds in the wind
Will Always have
For me the same look as
That of a great Swan slow and wise
In my autumn garden.

Corona 34: the frogs

a frog
into hot water
it stays
getting boiled
i wish
i could
this frog
but that
is sadly
just a
fairy tale

Autumn 2

Open closed windows
Asian Luna moth, last one,
Temptation in love!


The leaf lightly shakes
The gold-blue beetle feels it
It smells like the earth

Corona 22: Obfuscation

If a part of the Humanity
have to wear a veil
in Reasons of belief
gets a Outcry around the
'Free World'
If a part of the Humanity
have to wear a Mouthguard
in Reasons of belief?
Speechlessness prevails and the
Freedom drops
You just can't prove it 1
That its than normal
So you shift your Apocalypse
Till it's coming
As ordered
And your from the past
Are the from today
And the from the past
Turns today to a
As you like it
  • 1. Current Number of victims Germany: 7275

The Last Patrol of U-210

A submarine travels towards the North Pole.
The chin of the Captain with ice is adorned.
And suddenly comes a peculiar thought:
“This tower needs badly a hearth for the warmth!”
But waters rushed in, replacing the smoke,
Preventing the vessel to sail its north course.
The corpses inside looked all peaceful and pale,
In reaching the North Pole their vessel did fail.
Deep under the ice, so frigid and rigid,
All seamen had found the end of their mission.
With fortune and fame they’ll never be gifted,
They’re standing together in their last vigil.
The Kingdom of Whiteness had asked for high price:
The dreams of this voyage have melted like ice.
Today many vessels are passing this sight,
And stories are told when aurora is bright.
The Inuit elder doesn’t hunt anymore,
He’s making a fortune from telling old lore:
That deep down below the old vessel still lays,
And young boys’ laments could be heard on dark days.
The world knows such stories without an end,
But nothing of this we can comprehend.
'Let’s sail to the North, towards the land’s end.
The South is hackneyed”, - we jolly pretend!

Corona 13: The End of the World

Corona hit us hard,
Only a few people are still alive,
But there's no reason for them to be hopeful,
The next calamity is looming.
An asteroid is coming to Earth!
On the 29th of April
Perhaps it will hit us
There'll be a big bang, and then silence.
We won't even be able to have lunch,
because it's going to arrive before noon.
So instead, should we ask
what's left to be done?
A face-covering would surely be useful,
as the impact will raise dust.
The masks will protect us from that,
but the noise will surely make us deaf.
So put cotton wool in your ears,
and your briefcase on your head,
since without that you'll be lost.
Or would a saucepan be better?
We'll do it together,
The authorities are already aware.
Death will not grab us.
We'll do it, we're ready.
In case we don't see each other again,
I greet you one all last time.
I'm going to a brighter world,
This one here was pure agony.

Corona 12: The Great Mistake

I must confess, much as it pains me,
I almost emigrated.
I read New Zealand's death figures
My God - how I was wrong.
At first, I was white with shock
and then I was red with shame
A whole land full of corpses.
19 people are dead there!
How I underestimated
The dreadful pestilence
I wrote poems, frantically
Despite the clarity of the facts.
But now everything is so much clearer
And now I must beg forgiveness
Now it's so much more obvious to me
I hope you will forgive me
Tomorrow, I'll go - you can imagine
obediently with my mask, to go shopping
I'll make my way through a crowd of corpses.
Whoever is willing to see, they will see them too.

Corona 16: The Solution?

Mankind daily multiplies, you know,
them flying to and fleeing fro,
It's utter chaos, beyond compare,
How to reach out for the dream of freedom we all share?
And if we want to stay on this planet any longer,
We have to save our Resources much stronger.
Economic crisis, there will be more and more,
A fast solution seems to be the ony the score.
Freedom was my finest dream,
but in this darkness - can you still see it gleam?
To face this problem here, to ring the bells,
I focus on my body-cells.
Amany Trillions there are, they say,
And not one lives for itself, okay?
They cannot vote at an election,
but they are cells, so no objection.
The brain, dictator, defines the law,
else humans suffer, so I saw.
But brains get confused, quite a few,
which makes the cells run out of queue.
The drunkyard in drinking up his liver,
Even if it hurts like hell, he calls it a shiver,
Greed, anger, lust, and fear - to torture us - their mission!
Obesity, war, strokes, AIDS are their admonition.
The cells, who once lived so carefree,
drop dead like flies now, you can see.
I wonder if all the little, tiny cells
do wonder sometimes by themselves,
if all they've done was good at last -
making our freedom so enourmous and vast.
So, to diminish us as 'solely cell'
implies that every freedom goes to hell.

Heil, China!

Heil China, old Middle Empire!
Confucius was law and custom,
Laotse gifted pure wisdom,
You yourself brought us the culture!
And you were never seen weary
Even if we often had conflicts
You were even called dictatorship,
Because against freedom and nature.
You quickly saw that too
And you could understand wisely
That capitalism is good too,
If one is thinking about it ...
So you created the state synthesis,
What only a Chinese can do:
The exploitation, billions of times,
And that everyone is monitored.
The west holds its breath
Russia can only be amazed too.
We willing cultural barbarians,
Like to follow you (!) In large numbers.
Heil, China, ancient Middle Empire,
So hear my request here:
Give enlightenment through meditation,
So we may we lose our self!

Corona 15: Gazelle and Lion

How can we live with viruses?
Why not learn from the animals?
In Africa, there are gazelles
That leap, springing upward
As soon as a lion approaches...
At this point, I ask myself:
Why do they not bolt, full of fear
As soon as the lions even discover them?
Amazed, one sees them peacefully graze
But near them, in the grass,
There are lions lying, calm and lazy
And dozing with closed jaws.
Gazelles, who are really clever,
They know the danger precisely:
Only if the lion jumps up at them,
Then do they flee as quickly as possible – not until then!

The Goddess

A Goddess lives deep inside me.
She has withdrawn from this world.
She seldom raises her voice,
That allows me to produce a poem.
She's delicate like a butterfly,
No one may touch her.
When you catch her in a net,
It can lead to her death.
Only in dreams
Do beauty and poetry come to life.
Your imagination must be free,
And you need your space to live.


On the green leaves
The sunrays dance
Warmth lies on the shadow