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R 644, II, Now raging against the enemy.

Now the prayers of our chaste Judith, raging against the enemy,
Are pleasing to Heaven.
She will triumphant quickly for us return
And, removed leader, the cursed people will perish.

RV 644, II, 2. Aria: Ye stars, constellations.

Ye stars, constellations,
at the waning of the moon
be funeral torches
to our enemy.
In this blessed night
let the godless enemy be destroyed,
and may they be dead
when the sun rise.

RV 644 22 Rec. and Air: May the sun shine to deck your face.

I come, Judith, I come: have courage,
believe me: no ill shall befall your love.
May the sun shine to deck your face,
and the sad dew of dawn.
vanish from your beautiful eyes.
Love, languish, feign to be burning for him,
if a single spark from you
can advance our destiny

RV 644 23 Recitative: Meanwhile in our holy city.

Meanwhile in our holy city
I hear confused voices, a light breeze
brings murmurs of your vow
and, I believe, of your glory.
All together, the maidens of Judah
cry and pray, uncertain of their destiny.

RV 644 21 Air: Come, come, follow me, my faithful.

Come, come, follow me, my faithful
beloved Abra,
deprived of your husband.
Like a turtle-dove I moan and sigh with you.
In this dire fate you are my trusted companion,
when our thankless destiny
is fulfilled,
you shall have me as a joyful companion.

RV 644, 20 Recitative: You too, Jewish maid.

You too, Jewish maid,
in our so great joy,
will be in your heart happy and quiet.
How bravely speaks
the servant, never to be outdone by his Lord.
Let's hurry, Judith: everywhere and always,
as you, confident in the heavens,
shall I be a faithful companion to my mistress.

RV 644 8 Recitative and Air: Do not fear, be glad

Do not fear, be glad,
beloved chaste widow
wait for the sure reward of your virtue.
To the fine splendor of your face
anger yields, love smiles.
and gladly applauds the consent of all
to the majesty of your presence.

RV 644 9 Recitative: Look humbly prostrated.

Look humbly prostrated
before the glory of your face
how In ecstasy is these well-armed people.
No more! To Holofernes,
please, guide me now,
valiant leaders of battles.
I come a messenger of peace, not of war.

RV 644 4. Recitative: My commander, my Lord.

My commander, my Lord…
What do you want?
I come as messenger of your happiness.
What good news do you bring?
Nothing but a great addition to your glory,
and, truly, a sweet portent to your eyes.

RV 644 2. Splendid and joyous day.

Splendid and joyous day,
you noble and fortunate heroes!
The fate, the stars, the heaven are on your side:
After so many centuries
the long-awaited light come, the long-desired light,
by which you will be great through your leader
and your leader great through you.
Equally yet today
shall you share the victory
and for your undefeated king,
honor and glory.

RV 644 10 Air: How beautiful, fair, pretty you are.

SOPRANO (Vagaus)
How beautiful, fair, pretty you are,
our only and true hope of victory!
How beautiful, fair, pretty you are,
our only and true hope of victory!
Honour the tent of the leader with your look
and all the things of Holofernes you want, wait and hope.
Honour the tent of the leader with your look
and all the things of Holofernes you want, wait and hope.

RV 644 18. Recitativo: In my tent let it be served.

In my tent let it be
served a superb dinner.
Whatever swims in the Pontus,
or flyes in the sky, and whatever earth nourishes
shall not be hard to obtain.
Here, to our queen,
whom you, Vagaus, will serve,
be given the sweet gift of the Cretan Lyaeus.

That he may set him

That he may set him
with the princes,
with the princes of his people.
He makes the barren woman
to keep house,
joyful mother of children.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Blessed be
the name of the Lord.
from this time forth
and for evermore.

Praise, o children, the Lord.

Praise, o children, the Lord:
praise the Lord's name,
praise the Lord,
praise thr Lord's name.


Glory to the Father,
and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning,
and now, and ever shall be,
and unto the ages of ages.

The Lord excels

The Lord excels
over all peoples
and his glory
is above the heavens.

From sunrise.

From sunrise
to sunset,
the name of the Lord
is to be praised.

RV 630, 2. By tempting look. 3. The serpent hisses.

2. Recitative.
By tempting look this world deceives the eye,
but pierces hearts by hidden wounds.
Let us flee him who smiles, shun him who follows us,
for by skilfully displaying its pleasures, this world
overwhelms us by deceit.
3. Air.
The serpent hisses
among blossoms and colours,
uncoils itself and conceals the gall,
But after a furtive kiss,
a man maddened by love
often licks it like honey.

RV 597 - 4. Unto the godly.

Unto the godly there ariseth up light in the darkness:
he is merciful, loving, and righteous.

RV 597 - 8. The Wicked will see.

The Wicked will see and be angry,
gnash their teeth and pine away:
the desire of the wicked will perish.

Unless the Lord

Unless the Lord build the house,
they have laboured in vain who build it.
Unless the Lord keep the city,
The watchmen waketh but in vain.
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Glory And Fortune

Glory and fortune are in his house,
And his righteousness lasts
Forever and ever.