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Ana Luísa Amaral - Matar é fácil dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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Murder is easy

With my nail I murdered (so easy)
a small mosquito
that landed without permission and without a license
on this piece of paper
Dressed to be invisible,
its wings too insubstantial to be seen
and once dead on the paper, a trace
of almost nothing
But a trace
with a trick of magic, a pretext
for a poem, and though its lymph burned
for less time
than my lifetime,
it was still
a time lived
Laid low by no spear, no dagger,
no moral poison
(a dignified dose of cyanide or strychnine)
it died, the victim of a fingernail,
and returned to dust:
a brief floury powder
But it must contain,
like all its relatives,
something concrete,
in less than a hundred years, it will be
the same substance
as it feeds a poet's tibia,
a face once loved,
this piece of paper pulp on the desk before me,
the tiniest most imperturbable point
on a comet's tail

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