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Tell Me All About You

In my loneliness,
I remember once again
And I rebuild
My life.
I still cannot understand
How I woke up
To this reality...
How sad!
I, who gave you
My fire and my truth
And gave you a few years
Filled with intensity,
Discovered by your side
What is forbidden
And so much more...
And, from the hidden secret,
The verb 'to love' was born!
Tell me all about you!
Tell me whether it's true
That you're not happy,
That you life has changed.
Tell me all about you!
If we won't go back,
I don't want to go on
When my soul is wounded...

You didn't care at all
Whether I also had feelings:
Your love was never real,
You never knew how to give love!

Tell me all about you!
Very slowly, say
Whether you're as happy
As you were before.
Tell me all about you!
Tell me how things are going for you:
Don't come any closer,
I'm not your love anymore...

You didn't care at all
Whether I also had feelings...
Tell me all about you, my love...!

You're still the same:
You will never change,
You don't care if you
Are causing a greater harm.
You will always think
That love is naught
But a toy
And you, you are its master.
Because only you
Knew your own truth

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