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Bérurier Noir - S.O.S. dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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A young soldier on his hospital bed
His head bandaged like a mummy
Both eyes gouged out behind big black glasses
Combat tactics, an operation for survival
And in his mutilated head
The images that haunt him are scrolling
And in his head all wrapped up
It rains images like frozen mud
S.O.S. the flag of anger
S.O.S. too much selfishness on earth
S.O.S. madness is war
S.O.S. you don't have a brother anymore
Alert alert it's raining on Vietnam
Alert alert it's napalm bombs
Alert alert it's raining in Afghanistan
Alert alert it's gas and defoliant agents
Alert alert it's raining on Nicaragua
Toy bombs 'made in U.S.A.'
Alert alert it's raining on Lebanon
On Palestinians it's raining blood
S.O.S. Neither fascist nor macho
S.O.S. Neither Soviet nor U.S.
S.O.S. Neither Islam nor napalm
S.O.S. international
Alert alert is it raining in Siberia?
The falling snow muffles the screams
Alert alert it's raining in Chile
Blows of truncheon even in your bed
Is the sky black like the flag of anarchy?
And what is the weather like on our world?
Does capitalism make families happy?
S.O.S. enough hypocrisy
S.O.S. too much ideology
S.O.S. stop the barbarism
S.O.S. for the right to life
Alert alert there's security laws
Is France proud of its police brutality?
Alert alert too many political prisoners
And in the prisons, freedom, they cry your name
Alert alert it rains even in Africa
Thousands of locusts and not a drop of rain
Alert alert it rained in Chernobyl
It's only radioactive so don't worry about it
S.O.S. for the people in distress
S.O.S. for the right to respect
S.O.S. for some dignity!
S.O.S. for all the oppressed!
The young soldier on his hospital bed
Both eyes gouged out behind big black glasses
He can't speak and doesn't know what to think
Of all the images that have traumatized him
Oh young soldier your country is beautiful
Leave the earth and go to heaven
And if it's hell, leave the galaxy
If there's still war there, then everything is rotten
S.O.S. let's not close our eyes
S.O.S. yes we must do better
S.O.S. let us raise our heads
S.O.S. let justice be done!
S.O.S. enough terrorism!
S.O.S. too much nationalism!
S.O.S. it's the planet's flag!
S.O.S. international

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