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Bini Landau - כתר (Keter) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre



In the night she weeps
Her tears fall down her cheeks
She has no one to comfort her
Deep into the night
Her image appears
And through the silence
The cry of her heart is heard
We wished to fill what she lacks
We called out to her, whispered her name
And in the depths of our heart, we wept along with her
Arise, cry out in the night
At the beginning of the watches
Pour out your heart like water
Do not be deceitful against your own soul
To think this was all in vain
For every tear and every word counts
All of your rights are kept in the place of the king's treasuries
Together they all become a crown
A tiara for your head
And even though there is no one who can truly understand
What more can be done
We did not stop our wishes
And there are moments in which all that's left
Is merely faith in the nights
Faith in the nights

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Ode to Snow

What is floating in the air?
And making piles here and there.
Perhaps the Jade Emperor's building a golden palace,
Screening lime, screening lime.

No Title

If you ask me how many women I have,
I can't even give you a precise answer.
Yesterday, a kid called me dad,
And I got confused

Shitting on a Snowy Day

Heavy snow falls so stark,
Crows are feeding on barks.
I'd rather have stayed indoors,
For cold winds are chilling my ass.

The man came out of the house

The man came out of the house,
Had got his bag and staff,
And he began afoot today
    a long away
    to way.
He only went ahead straight,
    not eaten, slept, and drunk.
He only looked ahead straight,
    not eaten, drunk,
    and slept.
And then one day at dawn sun
    he entered gloomy woods.
And after that
    аnd ever since
    and since then disappeared.
But if he’s in the future once
Will happen you to meet,
    then hurry up,
    then hurry up,
    and tell us at full speed.