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DDT - Террорист (Terrorist) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

English (commented) Align paragraphs

The terrorist

I looked around, everything is quiet, there seems to be no chase,
Yard well, back door pit
Boarded up. Damn this light,
Sticking higher up like a Finnish freak.
The exit is a rotten fire escape,
Fragile, scum, and windows around.
The floors are crawling so murderously slowly
Past the trembling, tortured hands.
What are you staring at, you stupid, I'm not naked!
I'm not for you, I'm not a womanizer, I'm not a thief!
I am a terrorist! I am Ivan Tomatoff!
Stop talking, our trump card is terror!
The leaky roof rattles under your feet,
I dive into the attic suffocating darkness.
So far, everything is fine. Pigeons, hush!
Shit calmly, I'm not your enemy.
Here it is - a hiding place, a black muzzle from it
Pulled out, wiped, checked the shutter,
Poked a machine gun into the smoked glass,
Into the muzzles of neighborhoods gnawing at the expanse.
The hum of voices from below with a nervous paw
Scooped up the fuss in a fatal vice.
Are you bored, gray ones? Right now I'm going to drip
The truth on your quiet brains.
The people, cut by pain, froze,
Jerked, gasped, broke into a squeal.
My psychedelic cacophony
Blew up the middle, right-left, top-bottom.
Eat for free, the kingies of nature,
Thoughts, ideas, everything that I lived by.
Tear up freedom with toothless mouths,
Stuck between your veins.
People came to their senses, became like a prosecutors,
They climbed onto the roof, - Tie the scoundrel!
- I used the single cartridges, - spitting blood,
He howled during interrogations, barely breathing.
- For the love of you, I went to torment,
You've lost your shrines!
- There's nothing to mess with the people, you bastard!
We really took him... Tra-ta-ta-ta!

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