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Grup Yorum - Sesimi Duyan Var mı? dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


Does Anyone Hear My Voice?

Was in sleep İstanbul, İzmit, Adapazarı, Bolu, Yalova
Was in sleep Eskişehir, Ankara, Gölcük, Değirmendere, Düzce, Bursa
At the 17th of August,
then at the 12th of November
a buzzing came from the bottom, a scream rised from the land
fit into seconds,
ten thousands of deaths,
then screams mixed into laments,
laments into screams
i'm here, does anyone hear my voice?
was a night, it was a buzzing night
took thousands and gone
my body is under dust and soil, under the dent
my body is under the debris
they buried my beautiful homeland in pain
i don't have a name in my grave
they lost my body
i don't have a wail in my wrecks
look our people are under the lent
waits for a hand to give life
those who know how to laugh, love, share and walk together
came running with their sense of brotherhood
they couldn't laugh a lot together but
they dies together
'we have no separation'
they said,
wiped the tears of eachother,
became ointment to their wounds
an earthquake happened destruction happened
my heart is still under the lent
they are shouting, saying come
the ones came running say hang on
with a pickaxe with a shovel with teeth with nails
they are looking for hope with friendly hearts
i'm here, does anyone hear my voice?
they hear your voice
our people hear your voice
look they are running to you to keep you alive
not looking at your white beard, child age
they are digging the debris with their nails
they are drilling the concrete with their nails
with no profit
they are clasping their voice that their hearts couldn't silence, like their hands to eachother
even if we aren't buried together
we buried into pain altogether
Gülcan Baby, Ayşe Aunt, Mehmet Uncle, Fatma Sister
my mother is left inside, my father is left inside
not even one, which one do i mourn
i'm here, does anyone here my voice?

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