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Laurent Voulzy - Idéal simplifié dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre



Simplified Ideal

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We're a bunch of idiots, simplified ideal
With us, it's rock fantasy Summer Holiday
Bernard-Henri Lévy1 wasn't very useful to us
Trying to find specks of beauty2 on the motorways
We have an African tom-tom and English 'yaourt'3
To tell our Lady Di that we fancy her
All night long on a big beach
We're trying to outdo ourselves for beautiful girls
Who have nothing else to do
Like those dolls in gangster movies
We are great!
So we don't spend our lives dreaming of eucalyptus
Like all those captains Troy stuck on buses
We want the sea, the peninsulas, Ivanhoe on his horse
We're an ideal bunch of idiots
We go 'yeah yeah'
We're a bunch of yéyés4
Yéyé, it's beautiful
Darling darling please please don't go
Everybody, life's a joke
You need poetry that knocks you out
It's a sleeping pill {2x}
Oh darling come on
It's not very smart5, but it sounds so good
In the streets, in the cafés and the pubs, fish are sleepy
So we take out the guitars at Nicole's
You can't explain it, it's great, all this stuff that doesn't rhyme
It's like the sky seen through the pines
So we don't spend our lives dreaming of eucalyptus
Like all those captains Troy stuck on buses
So we, April fools, send postcards
Signed: a bunch of ideal idiots
We go 'yeah yeah'
We're a bunch of yéyés
But it sounds so good
  • 1. One of the leaders of the 'Nouveaux Philosophes' (New Philosophers) movement in 1976.
  • 2. Wordplay between 'grains de beauté' (moles) and its literal meaning (grains or specks of beauty).
  • 3. 'Chanter en yaourt' (to sing in yogurt) means singing English-sounding gibberish.
  • 4. Yé-yé was a counterculture that derived most of its inspiration from British and American rock and roll, and emerged in Western-Southern Europe in the early 1960s. The French term 'yé-yé' was derived from the English 'yeah! yeah!' often heard in rock and roll songs.
  • 5. Literally 'it doesn't pee very far'.

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