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Maddow - RBG #2 - Astro Boy vs. General Grievous (remastered) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


RBG #2 - Astro Boy vs. General Grievous (remastered)

Rap Battle of GAAA!
Astro Boy!
The General Grievous!
General Grievous:
Ah... the negotiator!
For a heartless one, you're quite the lamentator!
Did it sway you that your affectation's
The same as a waif betrayed by his creator?
You desire peace, Tony Stark?
The stockpiles of missiles you hide have left more than a mark!
Metal duplicitious shark... embark!
To survive an assault from this monarch!
The humans would give you abuse! Yet you insist on a truce?
Given your reputation, I assumed you'd be less stupid
Than any Jedi refusing to execute!
Daddy is home!
You are just sixty years old, yet you feel so alone!
I'll be your Tenma with two extra hands!
You'll be of use for my guild's future plans!
Atomized into neglect! Tezuka sullied your country with much disrespect!
Call you the Mickey Mouse of Japan?
Don't forget what the United States did to your land!
A three-ring circus of losses!
I defy the universe that you conquer!
Like Supes, you're known only for your boxers!
This collection is once again fostered!
Astro Boy:
Transmission from Metro City, 1952!
I hope to influence the sci-fi world and its issues!
A legacy of animation against your calamitous FX!
You were once cool in 2005, yet I'm the one who's aged much less! (Let's go!)
I started the vibe and the fame!
In the pop world, we're kings of the game!
Anime dominates, why has that been?
The only style of yours was from your show on CN!
Your saga loves teasing your fans! (Yuh!)
Its last good movie is twice as old as you! (Yuh!)
By the way, glad you acknowledged Superman!
You must share the same taste for shipwrecks too!
The lore of Star Wars is as complex as a game of chess!
You're such a sacrifical pawn but you just haven't learned that yet!
I represent the fight for robot rights and their conditions too!
They preserved your brain, yet I feel there's some inquisitions due!
You can stop the battle right here!
Your only Dub's against the Witches of Dathomir!
Let me be diplomatic even if this fight's anticlimactic,
Yet this flighty lizard's quite the fleer!
In your coughing fits, you decide to diss
Against who your creator idolized? (Oh no!)
That's the second time you die
Before you realize you're uncivilized!
General Grievous:
You act like a knowledgeable sensei!
Yet you still play around with O'Shay!
You're a carbon copy of a last day!
But I hate Clones, so I'll do this the fast way!
You play it mature despite acting silly!
No wonder you've gotten the attention of Disney!
And your code of ethics has failed you!
You're driven by children since they're the only ones who hail you!
You dream of being Pinocchio?
Makes sense, since your conscience is mostly faux!
Your existence may be a living hell
But at least your twin sister should make your life more swell!
The Trojan horse of a puppet master
Who turned his son's soul into a crash test!
Tenma threw your Astro out to pasture
And everything in motion for him was set!
You can't fly as fast as my vessel!
You're strong, but the Force is main course in my resto!
Face-to-face, without your toys, you're doomed now!
Throw you into the bowels of Utapau!
Wide-eyed optimist, ironized, fatherless, and eventually razed!
Believe me, child, where I come from we know what happens to slaves!
Astro Boy:
Launched your cannon, but you misfired!
As if you wore Omega Factor attire!
You're like one of those droids with vacant stares!
Doesn't get through your head until your bodyguards lose theirs!
Four arms to compensate for all who'd contemplate
And think you'd sell in an instant!
Lucas thought you'd make mint, but your true countenance
Is of the general as an infant!
Alongside King Leo, this robot empire's not afraid to get melodramatic!
I have the strength of Darth Vader,
And I might let you be his fellow asthmatic!
In the Atlas of Cyborgs, I found this poor Kaleesh has not one fan...
Karma hit you like a Booma-rang following your capture by the Gungans!
My friends! Why are you squabbling as if you two are both playground kids?
Give up the Ghost and empty all of your Shells...
Just like the Major did!
You're no longer alive!
So I figured I might as well tell you two that
Those who join the Force are powerful,
And Obi-Wan's master knew that!
In 2003 you ceased being popular phenomena!
I am your Judgment Day, surpassing giants like HAL and XANA!
End your strife, and with our army, be incorporated!
The Rise Of The Machines begins where this clash terminated!
Who won?
Who's next?
You decide!

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