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Moana (OST) - 바로 여기야 [Where You Are] (Paro yeogiya) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

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바로 여기야 (It's Right Here)

Versions: #1
[Tui] Moana, let's go, let's go
Don't forget, Moana
Your home is here Motunui
To the rhythm of the old songs,
why don't you learn some our traditional dances?
(And the old songs are our songs)
[Tui] Inheriting our traditions is our mission
And besides, we have a lot to do
Take a look not to fall
We share together
Make baskets together
And fishermen come back from the sea
[Moana] To the sea,
[Tui] You must not go
Moana, stay here
Our future chief is YOU
[Parents] Someday you will know
That happiness belongs
Right here
[Tui] Look at this, coconuts
Are a lot here but
Nothing to trash
Useful coconuts
[Sina] Obtain threads and make nets
(Obtain threads and make nets)
Drink water in fruit-bowls
(Drink water in fruit-bowls)
After burn the leaves
(After burn the leaves)
A good tree, coconut palms
A good tree, coconut palms
A dense forest is
[Parents] A presents from the nature
[Moana] I like the sea
[Tui] You have to keep
It's safety and fertile
The future we dream
Is here
It will live up to the hype
You will understand when it comes
[Parents] The happy world is
Just right here
[Grandma Tala] I live by dancing with water
By feeling the waves
The sea is mischievous, ha!
You pretty mischievous one
Everyone says that I am little bit odd and
Crazy but
The sea, it's worthy to dive into
The sea
You resemble your father
You are really brave
You may should follow your dad but
When your voice inside your heart
Follow the star that so far
Moana, that voice is
[Sina and all] (Obtain threads and make nets)
Obtain threads and make nets
(Drink water in fruit-bowls)
Drink water in fruit-bowls
Sing while work
For our villagers
[Tui and all] Every villagers know
Our dreams
[Parents] The present from the nature
[Tui] Is always stays here
[Moana] I will keep
With our home people
I will live and dream tomorrow
[All] It's right here
[Moana] Open the way
The place everyone will lead me and
Will make futures together
[All] It's right here
[Moana] And comes back, eventually
[All] It's right here
[Moana] A delightful place
[All] It's right here
It's right here

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