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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (OST) - Bats (Malay) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre



Bats will trouble you,
eat apples every time.
(When you) Take a break,
soon all the apples will be eaten again.
Ignoring us, and don't even care.
Will just destroy our farm later.
Wait a minute, there must be a reason.
And I'll defend them, all of them.
They also have babies.
They take care of their babies like us
Oh, stop being soft-hearted,
eat is the only thing they know.
This is not a place to eat,
they don't care about others.
No, this is a fact.
Bats are really useless.
But I do not agree,
They take care of their family.
Just looking for food for themselves
When you see them, you better run.
Big, ugly and mean too.
Look at my tree
They also benefit trees
Make (our/my) life, so unpredictable
I think I have to agree,
eliminate (it) one by one
Rainbow Dash:
I think so too,
Chase it away it's necessary
When everyone agrees.
Fight it like the enemy
Mane 6 without Fluttershy:
Get rid of it, bat.
Go don't come back.
Get rid of it, bat.
Go don't come back.
Get rid of it, bat.
Go don't come back
When everyone agrees.
We fight them like enemies

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