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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (OST) - Canción de los Hermanos Flim y Flam [The Flim Flam Brothers Song] (Latin Spanish) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

The Flim Flam Brothers Song (Latin Spanish)

Well, look what I see in every city,
It's my brother who's here,
Ponies with thirst, heat, there's nothing to drink here,
Maybe they, don't know what, they don't have to deal with the problems that exist,
Well, the key they need to know is how to solve it, I know it very well.
It's an opportunity,
In this great community,
It's Flim,
It's Flam,
We are the great Flim, Flam brothers,
You have to sell, ponies nonpareil,
Non-pa... what?
Nothing like it, it’s the fair reason why,
No one in this place will give you a chance to be where you want to go,
To a new place full of juice,
Very fresh and always ready,
More juice than you've ever drunk in your whole life,
I doubt it.
It's an opportunity,
In this great community,
It's Flim,
It's Flam,
We are the great Flim Flam brothers,
You have to sell, there's nothing like it.
I suppose you wonder, about our means of transport
That is, our locomotive
And you wonder, if I guess right, where is all that juice?
Everyone can ask and everyone will do it equally
But my brother and I have something very singular
That has never been seen in this place
That is, an opportunity
Unique in the world, bigger and better
So incredible and
Excellent is
Indispensable is
You won't believe it
The Super Speedy Apple Squeezer 6000
What do you say, sister?
It's an opportunity
In this great community
Hey Flim! Hey Flam!
They have to help us with the Super Speedy Apple Squeezer 6000
Young lady, I would feel very honored if you would allow my brother and me to take a few of your delicious and I must add fascinating and aromatic apples for a small demonstration.
Sure, I guess.
Opportunity, in the community
Ready Flim?
Ready Flam?
And bing-bang zam!
And let's show these thirsty ponies a world of delicious juice.
Juice!, juice!, juice!, juice!...
Watch closely friends,
This is action,
And this is where the magic happens, here in the agitated, turbulent and enveloping guts of the machine. Those freshly cut apples are right now turned into premium quality juice, the best, 5 stars!
Come and see without fear!
Wait a minute
I know they over-sold
I guarantee you there's no comparison
Because the most important ingredient
Is not added so easily
and that's Apple Acres quality, care and quality
How good that you already mentioned it, how good that you mentioned it
You know we're special with respect to juice, why don't you try it now?
Because this machinery is the best there is
And all those apples
Will enter a new world
The Super Speedy Apple Squeezer 6000
Juice!, juice!, juice!, juice!...
What do you think, friends? Do you see what the Apples don't see? I see it clear as day! She sees it! He does too! Come on Ponyville!, you know what I'm talking about!
It's just one
In this great community
It's Flim, it's Flam
We are two great Flim Flam brothers
You have to sell, there's nothing like it!

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