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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (OST) - Light of Your Cutie Mark (Hungarian) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


Light of Your Cutie Mark

Where is she going now?
Well, what do you think?! Come! Let's go after her!
Wait, I'm coming too!
Cutie Mark Crusaders, out of my way!
I'm a prophet of the truth and I'm the only one who knows it well
Stop! Diamond Tiara, don't run away yet!
We know that you are good, and not the enemy!
You don't know me, no, not at all!
You don't know, what my defect is
What will my family say if I lose?
How will they look at me?
I'm a Diamond, therefore I'll never break
It doesn't matter how I achieve my goals
I'm willing to do anything
If it helps me win in the end
Stop! This isn't the right answer!
Wait! Everything is different!
Look! You have a chance to take back the power
But only if you are gentle!
We know that you want your old friends
Their admiration, with you standing in the middle
But there's a better way
There is a better way!
There are many thing about yourself which you don't know
Light is pouring out of you, we know that you still crave the good
You can still stop and do something else
Come, the brightness awaits you!
And then look: The light of your Cutie Mark is shining already!

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