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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (OST) - Los Famosos Hermanos Flim Flam [The Flim Flam Brothers Song] (Castilian Spanish) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre

The Flim Flam Brothers Song (Castilian Spanish)

Oh, look what we have here, brother of mine,
Like in every big city, (SPA: como en toda gran ciudad)
Ponies very thirsty, without apple juice, itching and dryness.
Maybe they don't know that there's no need to get desperate,
You and I will share with them and it's the apple juice they can recover.
You have an opportunity,
In this great community,
He is Flim,
He is Flam,
The famous Flim Flam brothers,
The unrivaled traveling salesmen.
Un-what... what did he say?
Unrivaled, and that's exactly why
No pony will give you the chance to see what you're going to see now.
And a new world opens up with tons
Of apple juice to drink it.
More juice than you can drink in a lifetime.
I doubt that.
Take this opportunity,
In this great community,
He is Flim,
He is Flam,
The famous Flim Flam brothers,
The unrivaled traveling salesmen.
You're already wondering, about our mode of transport,
I prefer mode of locomotion.
You're also wondering, where, is the apple juice
That any horse and any pony can claim.
But my brother and I have something unique and magnificent
That has never been seen in this new world.
It's an opportunity.
It's unique and exclusive, the biggest and best,
The incredible,
The impeccable,
The indispensable.
I can't believe it!
The Super Fast Apple Squeezer 6000.
What do you say, brother?
We have the opportunity,
In this great community,
Please, Flim Flam!
Help us with your Super Fast Apple Juice Squeezer 6000.
Young filly, it would be an honor for me if you don't mind lending us some of your delicious and wonderfully fragrant apples for our little demonstration.
Oh, sure, I guess.
Opportunity, in the community,
Ready Flim?
Ready Flam?
With bing-bang fire!
Let's show these thirsty ponies a world of delicious apple juice.
Juice!, Juice!, Juice!, Juice!...
Look at this, my friends,
This is going to start,
Here is where the magic becomes reality, right there, in the winding and swirling press of the guts of the machine. Those freshly picked apples are turning into unique, exclusive, first-class, superior apple juice.
Come and get closer to look!
Wait a minute,
This is not an event,
Because ours I'm sure is better,
The most important ingredient
Is the one that goes ahead
It's the quality shared with friends and their friendship.
I'm glad you mentioned it, I'm glad you told us
We're picky when it comes to apple juice
Try it
Ours is better, sure this is the best
What do you say, Apples
Do you want to be more modern and try
The Super Fast Apple Squeezer 6000?
Juice!, Juice!, Juice!, Juice!...
What do you think, friends? Do you see what the Apple can't see? I see it as clear as water! I know she does too! And he does too! Come on Ponyville!, You know what I'm talking about!
You have an
In this great community
He is Flim, he is Flam
The famous Flim Flam brothers
The unrivaled traveling salesmen!

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