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Natalya Platitsyna - На исходе ночи (Na iskhode nochi) dalszöveg fordítás angol nyelvre


At Night's End

At the end of a long night, I was awakened by a clang
as if some sort of bell hit my front door.
So, I walked to the door, swung it wide open
and with my head slumped down, there before me stood myself.
Why're you taking so long, honey?
Where've you been? What were you looking for?
For thirty years, and I...?
She was an actual ghost of my past vitality.
She appeared so stealthily
just to see how badly I'm struggling here
on a path so bittersweet
as I stumble blindly.
I answered 'her', I mean 'my', questions with...
The time to be reborn has arrived.
Now I have a true ally.
Starting everything over from the beginning, from this awakening...
Repeating endlessly. Life after life.
Repeating endlessly. Life after life.
Repeating endlessly. Life after life.

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